1920’s Flapper Girl makeup

MOTD #1: 1920’s Flapper Girl makeup look

20s Flapper Girl Makeup

Catwalk flapper girl makeup from Paris Fashion Week for the John Galliano Spring/Summer  show
One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is to sit and watch hair and makeup tutorials on Youtube because even as a working makeup artist you never stop learning and by watching other people you learn new techniques and tips all the time. As I’m all new to the blogging world I’m not quite confident enough to do the whole vlogging thing just yet; it’s one thing putting still mug shots of myself all over the internet never mind a live talking me (and I despise my voice on film)!
But when starting this blog I did say I was going to do how to posts so I’ve decided to do a weekly (maybe more depending on how I feel) makeup of the day posts along with a tutorial. So for my first ever MOTD post I’ve decided to recreate a modern day 1920 flapper girl. Quite an unusual one to start with I know, but I was sorting out my book shelf the other day when I came across an old scrap book out of which fell the stunning images above from the John Galliano catwalk show. Obviously these looks have been made extreme for the catwalk, but the 1920’s trend has recently been seen a lot on all the red carpets and with the likes of Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey to name a few bigging it up I thought I’d do a simple, wearable version for my first post.
The EyesBourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal
 Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal
Sleek Makeup i Divine Palette
Sleek Makeup i Divine Palette – Bad Girl (I used the purple shade second from right)Bourjois Volumizer Mascara, Miss Sporty Kohl Eyeliner, Superdrug 2true Liquid Eyeliner
Bourjois Volumizer Mascara, Miss Sporty Kohl Eyeliner, Superdrug 2true Liquid Eyeliner Basic Eyeshadow Applicator, Cassie Lomas Paddle Eyeshadow Brush, Real Techniques Shading Brush
Basic Eyeshadow Applicator, Cassie Lomas Paddle Eyeshadow Brush, Real Techniques Shading Brushflapper girl dark smokey eyesflapper girl eye makeup
how to do 20 s flapper girl makeupflapper girl eye makeup idea20s flapper girl eye makeup
The 1920s eye makeup was all about very dark smokey eyes with black eyeliner being smeared over the lids and dark grey, greens or purples applied on top. When I’m doing my own makeup I like to apply my mascara and false eyelashes first so you can either do this too or wait until further along, either way make sure you apply either an eye primer or foundation to your eyelids as a base. Next use either a kohl eyeliner or cream eyeshadow, I used the new Bourjois Queen Attitude, and apply it onto the eyelid.. it really doesn’t matter about being neat at this stage but try not to go above the crease. Using an eyeshadow brush start to blend the kohl up and out to create the desired shape, this is usually quite big and round but as I want to create a wearable version I didn’t venture too high. Next choose the colour you want to use on top and use a paddle eyeshadow brush to press the colour onto your lid (these brushes are great for packing on the colour). Using a blending brush blend the colour up and out to get rid of any harsh lines and to blend it in with the kohl, you can bring the colour down under your bottom lashes too. If you haven’t already applied mascara/eyelashes this is your next stage, once applied use a liquid eyeliner to line your lids (and hide any glue if necessary) and line the inside rim with kohl pencil to intensify the darkness. Eyebrows were worn high, thin and sloping but unless you’re attending a fancy dress stick to just filling them in as you normally would.
The FaceMAC Powder Blush in Swoon, Real Techniques Powder Brush
MAC Powder Blush in Swoon, Real Techniques Powder Brush20s flapper girl smokey eyes
Once the eyes are finished you need to use a makeup wipe or cleanser to remove any fall from the shadow and then apply your foundation and concealer. For an authentic look the foundation should be pale and matte but for this look I just used my normal everyday base, be careful not to catch any of the dark shadow on your brush when concealing underneath the eyes as you really don’t want to look like you’ve been punched! For the cheeks you need a rosy coloured blush, I used MAC Swoon, back in those days women very rarely wore blusher outside the apple of the cheeks so apply your chosen shade directly onto the apple and gently blend it out.
The LipsMac Diva Lipstick, Rimmel London Lip Pencil in Exaggerate
Mac Diva Lipstick, Rimmel London Lip Pencil in ExaggerateLip Pencil in Exaggerate swatch Mac Diva Lipstick, Rimmel London Lip Pencil in Exaggerate swatch
The 1920s are famous for the ‘cupid’s bow’ shape lip but again that isn’t really a look you can pull off unless its fancy dress. Lip colours were very bold; red or burgundy and for this look I’d say the darker the better. When using such bold colours it’s always best to line your lips first, I used the Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Pencil  to line and fill in my lip and once you have perfected the shape use a rounded lip brush to apply your lipstick. I always use a small concealer brush and my concealer to line the lips afterwards to remove any colour that’s seeped off the lips and to really highlight the shape.
 And there you have it; your modern day flapper girl makeup. As you can see it’s quite a full on look so not the kind you can get away with during the day (unless that’s your kinda thing) but I have rocked this look many times on nights out. Also apologies for such a picture heavy post… I can totally see why people do these as videos normally. The headband was also my attempt to make the image a lil bit more 1920s, pathetic effort I know!

1920's Flapper Girl makeup

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