5 Favourite Make-Up Products of The Moment

If you have a make-up collection that expands from the size of a simple little make-up bag, then you will probably either mix up the use of your products to get your moneys worth or simply stick to the products that suit your everyday needs.

Im the girl that likes to switch up my old and new and give my face a chance to experience all the make-up i own. However over the past couple of months i have noticed 5 little stowaways that have been constantly on the go.Introducing my 5 Favourite Make-Up Products of The Moment:

-Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara- Black
-Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder- Translucent
-MUA Brow Kit
-Sleek Contour Kit- Light
Maybelline FIT me concealer- 15
And here is why i like them so much…
Maybelline mascara
This mascara has taken over any favourite, overpowering, for me the ever famous ‘Benefit They’re Real’ I don’t know if its the wand, the formula or a mixture of both, but this mascara gives me ‘my best lashes’ For me it creates the perfect ‘false lash’ look as well as keeping it natural. My lashes never look clumpy or spidery, as the mascara defines both my longer and shorter lashes, literally just extenuating the features i was born with.
laura mercier
A good powder is the key to keeping shine at bay, adding an extra layer of coverage and of course to set your foundation. This has been my favourite since i spent my well saved pounds on it. I love how light this powder is (mineral) It never cakes and the fact that it is translucent solves all the problems to all of the other coloured powders i have. For me it is my safe layer, without it I’m afraid of foundation slippage, so its kind of like a safety blanket for my face. Its a great luxury powder that continues to serve me well. At £29 a pot, the day it runs out will defiantly scare my bank balance a little.
brow kit
Cheap, Cheerful and bloody brilliant is this product all wrapped up. A brow kit with not one but three shades and a wax. Even without the pair of tweezers and mini brush, this product is a win for only £3! I use the darkest shade and i have to say it is the best colour match i have tried in terms of brow colour. Never mind HD brow kit, this does exactly the same. Set the powder with a clear mascara and your brows will be the centre piece of any compliments that come your way. Ever since i have started using this palette and correctly filling in my brows, my ceterpillers now get the recognition the deserve. Go facial hair!
bronzing powder
Now this is a classified lingering product. This product has been with me ever since the start of my collection, so i think it takes the sash for longest serving favourite. The bronzing powder is a perfect matte shade that i not only use to add some colour into my face but onto my neck too. Snow white is the colour of my neck and with the help of this product, it provides an instant warmth and again is my safety net when it comes to making sure my snow white skin doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, but instead blends perfectly with my face make-up.
Concealing those under eyes, blemishes and any other imperfections is a girls, probably biggest must. I always say to my girlfriend that ‘all i need is my brow kit and my concealer and i would be comfortable walking out the door’. This is a god send concealer as its cheap, readily available, in a variety of shades, doesn’t cake up and offers amazing coverage that lasts all day if set correctly. Reliability with this is 100% for me.
I have found that make-up is very much like best friends. You relay on them more than anything else to help you out, with them they give you that extra ounce of confidence and without them, that once beloved safety blanket has blown away.
Which make-up products are your BFF’s?


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