6 Ways To Use Mac Fix+ Spray

When i first starting with makeup, there’s a lot of products that confused me, what it was or how to use it and things like that. One of them is Mac Fix+ Spray. The only thing i knew was, it’s a setting spray that people use right after they finish their makeup by spraying it onto their face.

Mac Fix+ Spray

6 Ways To Use Mac Fix+ Spray

I bought it around a month ago, i rarely use it because i dont go out and wear makeup that much. Fix+ is safe to use even for people with sensitive skin because it’s simply water. I have combination oily skin, and i love it. You can find fix+ on almost every makeup artist’ train case or even just a girl’s vanity who’s into makeup because it’s such a multitasking product. It also has a slight floral scent which i like. So now i’m gonna tell you 6 ways to use Mac Fix+.

  • Finishing Spray
This is the very basic function of this product. After you’re done with your makeup you can spritz this onto your face to create a dewy finish to your makeup. Also if you use too much powder especially if you use a mineral powder, you can soften the look by spraying it with fix+.
  • More Vibrant Pigments/Loose Eyeshadow by Foiling It
Before putting your pigments or loose eyeshadow, spritz your eye brush with fix+. Not only it will make your pigments look more vibrant, but it will also prevent any fall outs because it’s wet. This technique called foiling.
  • Smoother Foundation
Before applying my foundation i like to spray my Mac 187 with fix+, it works really really well too on Sigma F80 or F82. It will make your foundation glides on a lot smoother on your face, also easier to blend.
  • A Base
You can use fix+ as a base before putting any foundation on. This will act as a primer also a toner that instantly refresh your skin.
  • Foundation Mix
If you have any thick foundation, you can make it thinner by mixing it with fix+. Pump your foundation on the back of your hand, spritz fix+ and blend it with your brush. You can also do the same thing on creamy concealer.
  • Skin Refresher 
If you get oily throughout the day, of just feeling hot because of the heat, you can spray fix+ straight on your face, this will act as a refresher without ruining your makeup
So that’s it for today, i hope that was helpful. Thank you for reading and as always, have a wonderful day!

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