90’s Grunge Outfit Idea

90’s grunge lumberjack look :

I felt kind of 90’s grunge/lumberjackish in this outfit… and I am okay with that. This is one of those cheap flannel shirts from Target and I just love the red. Pretty comfy, too. I normally shy away from mixing patterns, but I threw these two together and thought they went well. What do you think?
90's grunge outfit idea

 So, about my brief absence from blogging. That was mostly due to being busy with our photography business and making some healthy changes in our lifestyle. David and I joined Planet Fitness and are really enjoying it. If you want to exercise but are intimidated by most gyms (being around really buff men and insanely fit women) you should consider Planet Fitness. It’s inexpensive, too! You know we love that. 😉

flanel shirt and necklace90's grunge lumberjack look90’s grunge outfit details :

flannel shirt – Target
striped tank top – Kohl’s
jeans – Forever 21
boots – Charlotte Russe

necklace – American Eagle
Is flannel one of your favorites for the fall and winter?

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