Amuse Power Blush Palette 1 Review

Today, I am reviewing Amuse powder blush palette which I ordered from cherryculture website for testing. I bought a lot of other products from them. So shipping was about 14$ (-/+) to Thailand. I don’t remember exactly thought. But this 6 powder blush palette is only 3.50$! What a steal! You can check here.
Amuse Power Blush Palette 1 ReviewAmuse Power Blush Palette 1Amuse Power Blush PaletteAmuse Power Blush Palette 1 Swatches
When I ordered it, I did not expect anything much as it looks cheap and it is cheap. But well, I was lucky, this stuff is really cool after all. You can never get 6 nice blush for 3.50$. This blush is really a good quality. It is very creamy, smooth, easy to blend with and very high pigmented.

This is no. 1 palette. No. 2 has different colors. You can check the pics of no. 2 palette here and here as well.

In my no. 1 palette, 6 blushes, 4 shimmer finish and 2 matte/semi-matte finish blushes. Colors are 4 pink tones and 2 bronzy tones. They all are very blend-able and easy to work with. I have used this palette in some of my works in photoshoots. They look good in photograph as well. I really like this palette and recommend you to try out if you are on budget and also a blush lover. I just wish they have more matte finish.

Palette comes in cheap looking case with clear cover. Mirror in down under the crappy applicator. I hate those crappy applicators in cosmetic, they are just a waste after all. I just threw away most of them or give my daughters to play with as she likes to play like I do makeup, she is not even 2 yet LOL. I don’t mind about the packaging as usual, I hardly care about appearance of containers.

It is just 3.50$ and you don’t loose much to try out. I really love this palette. I may want to try palette 2 in the future when I order things from cherryculture website.

What do you think of it? =)

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