Art Collection Eyeshadow Base Review

This is the last one from my cheap Japan’s make up series. Hahahahaha. Actually, I ordered two bb cream and hand cream from Tony Moly, but I made it so that they send it to my home instead to boarding house, so I won’t get to review it until later. I’ll go back with a nail tutorial or preview soon, you can make a request if you want.

Art Collection Eyeshadow Base Review

Art Collection Eyeshadow Base-back packaging

Art Collection Eyeshadow Base

Eyeshadow Base-by Art Collection

Art Collection Eyeshadow Base
Comes in a very plain looking flip container. It’s a little hard to open for me, so I need to use my nails to open it TT^TT Appearance wise, kinda looks like la tulipe eyeshadow base. I didn’t know for exact tho, I don’t have that brand. Hahahaha
I tried to do a trial swatch using mio piccolo eyeshadow here. The eyeshadow itself are not pigmented, so I wanted to know if the eyeshadow base gonna make the color pop.
Art Collection Eyeshadow Base-swatch
Left: bare eyeshadow // Right: with eyeshadow base
I…. didn’t know for exact where the difference is. Hahahahaha. Maybe it does not give any effect for the pigmentation? I’ll try it later with another eyeshadow tho. I’ll post it asap.
This eyeshadow base only come in one shade, which is beige. And… I’m not exactly white, but my skin is not dark either. This eyeshadow base still looks a little too light on my eyes after I blended it. I don’t think it’s going to matter tho, cause you’re going to cover it with eyeshadow, so a little light is fine. Let’s get to the problem, first of all, from the swatch above I don’t think it’s affecting your eyeshadow colors. Hahahaha. And then, it makes it slightly difficult to blend you eyeshadow, cause the eyeshadow base is a little sticky. So the eyeshadow tend to clump together. Like what happen on the picture. The eyeshadow are gathering on the top cause I got a hard time dragging it down =___= Not very convenient I see .___.
I heard the la tulipe eyeshadow base is good? Tell me if your thought ever use that! 😀

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