Aveeno Hand Cream with Colloidal Oatmeal review

Hey guys!! I have been such a bad blogger, its been almost a week since my last post! I have just been so busy with work and Amber these days. also a big hello to all my new followers!

After joining the Aveeno Discoverers programme, I was sent a welcome pack from them… although the service was rather shoddy, it took 3 MONTHS for my welcome pack to arrive!! After finally receiving my pack I was able to try out new products as I was in desperate need of a new body lotion. This review however is on their Hand Cream with Colloidal Oatmeal. I explain what this oatmeal does in this post.

Aveeno Hand Cream with Colloidal Oatmeal review

Aveeno claim that this hand cream moisturises for up to 24 hours that lasts through hand washing. “Yea right” I thought. With my compulsive hand washing throughout the day I thought there was no way this was going to last, especially after doing the washing up with no gloves on.

Now that Summer is quickly coming, I am fake tanning more which drastically dries out my hands and along with working in a shop with air conditioning blasting at me, it dries them out even more. I put this hand cream on after I applied all of my make up and washed my hands as normal then trundled off to work.

I have to say this hand cream dries really quickly so I had to be pretty fast to make sure I got every nook and cranny on my hands. It dries to a “matte” kind of finish, no grease in sight, excellent!
Aveeno Hand Cream

Once I got to work, it was time to put it to the test. Half way through work my hands are always dry and white looking and I was pleasantly surprised that they looked exactly the same as they did in the morning! My hands also had a nice velvety feel to them, something I have never really had. May I also add, that I had washed my hands 4 times since arriving into work!

This hand cream is a complete must in my life now, on the days that I don’t use this, I can really notice the difference. I would advise anyone with dry, itchy hands like me to try this out it really is an amazing product!!

I will be doing a give away shortly including a tube of this wonder cream, so keep your eyes peeled 😉

I hope your all having a great weekend!!

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