Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads Review

This is an unexpected review since I don’t even own this product. I only had samples, 1 time use packs. My friend is a representative from U.S and she gave it to me to try and also share to others to get orders.
Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads Review
Yesterday, I had photoshoot. I woke up at 6:30am after my 5hrs night sleep. I did not know what eyeshadow to wear, so, I remembered those samples and why don’t I try?. So I chose to use the purple quad sample called; Purple Haze, I think.

I did not wear eyeshadow base yesterday. I was just lazy to go details and was kind of rush. I just applied those 4 different purple colors eyeshadow straight on my eyelids and blended well. I think I may be able to show the pics after I got from a photographer. She tested lighting with my pictures.

Ok, I was shock about these Avon eyeshadows. They did not even crease at all. My makeup was on since 7am till 11pm. I was rush all day. Our Bangkok weather is humid and hot as usual. I was rushing and being busy all day and could not even touch up my face. And I have an oily skin.

There are different colors quads in Avon website. Most of them are beautiful color range and good color match in each quad. So, it is easy for people even who are not expert with colors and makeup much. You can just apply all 4 colors on your eyelids or choose 2 color as your choice or just one color. It seems a fun to have them.

Beautiful eyeshadow colors, yet nice texture, smooth, easy to blend, quite pigmented, and super last long.

It says 8$ in Avon website. But I am sure, you can get them on sale sometimes if you are in U.S. I saw in official Thai Avon website that those are between 10-12$. Always things from abroad are quite pricey here. Like MAC or The Body Shop eyeshadow are like almost 20$ here with tax and more.

I simply adore these quads now. Planning to order more from my friend. For sure, it seems fun to have for your everyday use.

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