Basic technique for winged eyeliner

Basic technique for winged eyeliner from makeup artist :

In the country I live now, most of the girls love winged eyeliners. Even you just go out around, you will see lots of girls wear winged eyeliner. Start from Angelina Jolie’s cat eyes makeup and perfect winged eyeliner, this eyeliner trend becomes IN for awhile.simple winged eyeliner

For myself, I hardly wear winged eyeliner. Just sometimes, if I’m in rush and need to have makeup done, I do winged eyeliner and red lips. For myself, I am always in rush and my winged liner are drawn by just eyeliner pencil and felt tip eyeliner.winged eyeliner

But for my works, I mostly use gel eyeliner with angle brush or pointy eyeliner brush. I use angle brush more than pointy brush. But if I want to draw very thin eyeliners, I go with pointy eyeliner brush. I sometimes use liquid eyeliner too. But for sanitation and when I’m out of disposable liquid liner brush, I go with gel eyeliner and eyeliner brushes. Simply scoop out abit of gel eyeliner on my disposable mixing plate and continue my work.eyeliner

If you are a beginner, and have shaky hands, practice with eyeliner pencil first. Then you can draw liquid eyeliner on your pencil line to get more intensity until your hands are ready to use liquid eyeliner straight.

Gel eyeliner are easier to work with than liquid eyeliner because when you make mistakes, gel eyeliners are easier to remove since it is a water based.winged liner

I normally use pencil and felt tip on myself and gel eyeliner on my clients. But black eyeshadow cake are good to use as eyeliner too. I normally love this technique and when I was in college, I only used black eyeshadow cake with damp eyeliner brush to draw my eyelinerswinged eyeliner tutorial

Basic ways to get started, use white eyeliner to draw before drawing actual eyeliner. In that way, you can get perfect base line. If not, you can also start to draw with dots from the corner of your eyes up to winged point, then connect the dots.

If you don’t know how high you want to go, always better not to go than your highest point of your eyes in the middle of your eyes, unless you want to do very dramatic eyemakeup. If you are a beginner, should use white eyeliner, black eyeliner pencil and felt tip eyeliner or gel eyeliner.

Don’t worry if you make messes and mistakes, simply grab a Qtip, soak with eye remover and gently correct your line. To get perfect winged eyeliner, it takes time and a lot of practice. Always good to start with eyeliner pencils.

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