Becca stick foundation in Sherbet review

On my lofty quest to finding an amazing foundation with amazing ingredients to give me fantastic skin… I bring to you…  the Becca Stick Foundation in Sherbet !

Becca stick foundation in Sherbet

I have heard of this before from a few gurus on YouTube, but I havn’t really read any reviews on any blogs on this. I dont really blame people though as it is SO expensive!! For only 8.7g, I would expect this to be much cheaper. It disappoints me in this aspect, but I do like the stick, it makes me feel like a bit of a warrior putting on my war paint for the day 🙂 Not very hygienic for using on other people though! and at the price… I wouldn’t give anyone else a look in anyway.BECCA - Foundation Stick Review

There are so many skin loving ingredients in this foundation, such as:

(From the Becca Website)
The ultimate skin savior, creating the illusion of flawless skin by evening out skin tone and lightly concealing blemishes. A unique balance between maximum sun protection (SPF 30+) and long lasting wear.

The soft, creamy texture allows a totally controllable level of coverage

The non-powdery formulation is suitable for most skin types (including ultra-sensitive) and provides sheer to medium, natural looking coverage

Doubles as a sheer under-eye concealer

Contains broad spectrum SPF 30+ to protect against over 96% of both UVA and UVB rays

Contains antioxidant vitamins A, D, and E, which help to increase collagen renewal and the skin’s moisture holding capacity

The antioxidants in this were the main selling point for me, as my skin was so awful, I needed something to help repair my skin and nurture it back to good health.

Becca stick foundation in Sherbet swatch:Becca stick foundation in Sherbet swatch

To apply this, I washed my hands thoroughly, applied a small streak across my forehead and blended this with my fingers, as I found it quite difficult to use my normal foundation brush to blend this evenly. I did the same with my cheeks, nose and chin. Be careful though not to apply it all at once, as this does dry quite quickly and I found it very hard to blend it.

This foundation looked very sheer and natural while still evening out my skin tone. I then added a translucent finishing powder and my skin looked naturally flawless. Through the day my skin was glowing with good health and I found this a great colour match for me, I have never used such a great match for my skin tone before so this was really a great find. I now know that I have neutral undertones of yellow and pink rather than just one. The colour ranges on the Becca website are astounding, there are so many to choose from, it took me a very long time to decide on what colour to get.

Hopefully there will be a lasting effect and I believe that I will be purchasing Becca stick foundation in Sherbet again, but at £35… its a very steep price for the amount of product that you get. She must know how good she is… I have not found another foundation that is so good for my skin and gives me the glow that I want without looking oily. The ingredients are a huge selling point for me.

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