Bedhead Superstar Shampoo and Conditioner Review

On my never ending search for volumized hair, I purchased Bedhead Superstar Shampoo and Conditioner from a seller on ebay. I have decided to only purchase small bottles of any shampoo or conditioner, just in case I don’t like them. I have learnt my lesson after buying two massive bottles of herbal essences… and hated them! They made my hair so greasy at the end of the day! But anyway… back to the review at hand…

Bedhead Superstar Shampoo and Conditioner Review
The two bottles above are 75ml each and as soon as I received them, I smelt them and they are goooorgeous! So fruity and fresh, I absolutely love smelling my hair after I wash my hair. Bedhead Superstar shampoo is also Sulphate free, which is great as Sulphates can prematurely cause the hair to thin prematurely and who needs that when you are trying to have volumised hair? Sulphates are used to make a product smell nice and make a shampoo extra bubbly, which is’nt really needed because when it bubbles so much you waste a lot of product.   That being said, this product smells amazing and lathers very well!

When washing my hair, I used an amount the size of a 50p piece and lathered it through my hair. I always wash my hair twice while in the shower, once to remove the oils and product in my hair and the other to let the shampoo do its job without anything hindering its ability to volumise. The first time I used this, I used a little too much of the conditioner, it made my hair feel so soft and smooth as I was rinsing it out. I honestly have never felt my hair so soft and smooth once I had styled it. But I made the stupid mistake of using too much Bedhead Superstar conditioner meaning my hair got so greasy quickly.

The next day I just used Bedhead Superstar  shampoo as my hairdresser told me to only condition my hair once a week to avoid weighing my hair down… makes sense really! Once I had styled my hair, straightening it and what not, my hair was actually pretty volumised! I couldn’t believe how bouncy it looked and I hadn’t went to get my hair cut in over 8 weeks, so it was so lank and had no body before I discovered this.

I have finally went to get my hair cut and I am still using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair definitely does not get greasy quickly any more like it used to. I can now actually wash my hair every other day, whereas before I had to wash it every day!

I absolutely love Bedhead Superstar Shampoo and Bedhead Superstar Conditioner  , I may even buy another bottle. Although there is the downside that once I use a product for long enough… it stops working. So after these two are finished I can try a different brand  and still keep my hair volumised!

Are there any recommendations for my next purchase? I am leaning towards trying Aveda…

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