Best Nail Strengthening Products and Oils

Recently my nails have been in an awful state, they have been peeling and breaking so much lately. I havn’t had my nails long in such a long time, its depressing me slightly!

This is them now:

Best Nail Strengthening Products and Oils Before

As you can see one index finger is peeling very badly and the other has chipped. My thumb nail on my right hand is peeling from hitting the space bar so much and my cuticles and skin around my nails are sooooo dry!
So I will be using these:
Best Nail Strengthening Products and Oils
Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File:

This is a truely amazing nail file, it files you nails to dust and it is so smooth to use. Apparently this is the best nail file to use as it doesnt leave any harsh edges on your nail. It ‘seals’ you nail so it prevents any peeling or breaking of the nail. I have been using this for the last few weeks and I have to say im pretty impressed.

Orange Stick:
Its not very orange, but it is a great tool for pushing back your cuticles after using an oil or soaking your nails.

CND Cuticle Away:
So far so good for this, it practically dissolves my cuticles and makes them smooth and manageable. It also seems to remove any dry skin. You leave this on your cuticles for one minute then use the orange stick to remove any excess cuticle from your nail bed. Simple!

Dr. Lewinns Renunail:
I have been using this for the past week. Upon first application my nails actually felt kind of sore. I kind of liked it though as it felt like the treatment was working thorough my nails.  This is unlike any treatment I have tried because it doesn’t chip so much like all the others… I’m talking to you OPI!!
Basically you apply 2 coats to start off with, then one coat every night for 5 nights. You then remove it all, then start again.
You do this 3 times, then leave your nails alone for a week. So every ‘program’ lasts for 25 days, then give your nails a rest then start again.
This treatment is designed for people who have had acrylic nails and they are in desperate need of strengthening their nails, so I thought why not use it for myself even though  I have never had acrylics!

Dr Lewinns Renunail Nourishing Oil:
This is a cuticle oil which you can use whenever you wish, it is fantastic as it sinks in so well! So I don’t have very greasy fingers afterwards.
Best Nail Strengthening Products

As you can see, my nails are looking a lot healthier, in the above picture I have filed, taken away any extra cuticle, applied 2 coats of Renunail and the nourishing oil.

I will keep you all updated each week on my nail growth and how much they arnt peeling off! I wont be putting any nail colours on though 🙁

What nail treatments do you use? Are any of you lucky enough to have perfect nails?!

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