Black nail polish is a must for fall and winter

Black polish is a must for fall/winter. My all time fave polish ever is Chanel’s cult Black Satin polish.  Everything about this screams elegance and luxury.  Here’s the cheat’s guide to getting the same look for manicure

chanel black satin

Chanel Black Satin Nail Varnish –Chanel Black Satin Nail Varnish
This patent black heel in a bottle screams class and elegance when worn.  For some reason this particular color is less goth and more black tie.  It doesn’t streak and only requires a single coat to achieve a rich shiny black finish.  Unlike its many imitations, Black Satin is in a class of its own.  If you can afford to splurge, invest in this polish.
O.P.I Black Onyx Nail Lacquer-O.P.I Black Onyx Nail Lacquer
O.P.I’s answer to black satin is wallet friendly and as superior.  Great coverage, long wearing and professional brush makes applying this a cinch.  Like Black Satin, Black Onyx looks more patent than goth.  Great buy for $8.
Wet and Wild Black Cream Polish –Wet and Wild Black Cream Polish
I discovered this during a fashion emergency. On my way to a very important meeting I noticed an giant scuff mark on my Marc Jacobs Patent Mary Janes.  In a huff, I headed into DR to find a polish to conceal it and found Black Cream.  This baby looks like black patent leather on nails and perfectly concealed my shoe no no.  Like Black Onyx, it’s patent and rather luxe for under $2.  In terms of wear, it rivals Essie’s polishes.  This one is great to add to your fashion emergency fix it kit for patent leather boo boos.

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