Boots Natural Collection whitening Foundation Powder in Natural

I got this a few months ago while I bought some Natural Collection products while it is on “BOGO sale” (Buy One Get One Free) at Boots. I got this Natural Collection foundation powder in ‘Natural’. To be able to sell well in Thailand, they add that word ‘whitening’. I only saw it after I got home, If I saw it earlier, I would not buy as I hate whitening products. I like this color, natural though. It matches my skin.
Boots Natural Collection  whitening Foundation Powder in NaturalBoots Natural Collection  whitening Powder FoundationBoots Natural Collection  FoundationBoots Natural Collection  Foundation Application

It says powder foundation, so I am guessing it can use in either wet technique or dry technique. I have only used it in dry technique and have not tried with wet sponge/brush.

I used this to touch up mainly and always put it in my bag. It is not bad. The coverage is light to medium. It seems smooth but I don’t think it will suit on dry skin if you use in dry technique. I got flaky foundation when I padded on my dry skin area once. But it can happen with every powder foundation when your skin is very dry in winter. I will apply with wet sponge soon and add my experience. As a touch up powder, it lasts about 2-4 hrs in very hot and humid days.

For the packaging, it is nothing fancy or sleeky. It is just a simple white plastic container as other Natural Collection products.

For the price, in normal time, it is cost about 5-6$.

Overall, it is not a bad product.

I will come up with more Natural Collection products review soon.

Happy Holidays everyone!


EDIT – I used this powder foundation with damp sponge for wet technique. I would say applying in wet technique makes the foundation last longer, up to 6 hrs without touch up and no shine. But it makes the foundation color whiter as it says ‘whitening’ on product container -_- The coverage is medium. It can look cakey if you apply a lot though. I prefer to use it in dry technique as my personal preference. It is really nice product for the price. It can compares to powder foundation from Revlon, L’Oreal, Maybelline, ZA or other drug store brands in Thailand as I have used all of those. Natural Collection is cheaper than those drug store brands I mentioned. And the quality is comparable for those other brands’ powder foundations.

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