BOOTS No7 Mineral Perfection Lipstick Pink Angel Review

So I bought this lipstick from Boots awhile ago. It was sold for around 450 Baht (15$). But there were some promotion and discount program, so I got it with 350 Baht ( around 12$ ).
BOOTS No7 Mineral Perfection Lipstick Pink Angel ReviewNo7 Mineral Lipstick Swatch

No7 Mineral Lipstick

No7 Mineral Lipstick Review
The package is simple but bulky.

The lipstick is kind of pricey but the pigmentation and lasting power is not so good.

The color ‘Pink Angel’ is a very beautiful light pink with neutral tone. I really like the color. But I will not buy the similar lipstick from No7 again as it seems pricey and i don’t like for the poor lasting power. It is like disappeared in an hour or two after you applied even you don’t eat. Instead I would buy Revlon lipsticks for aroud 8-10$ which is cheaper and better quality as I believe. But it is really smooth to apply and not dry on lips.

To sum it up, pros are smooth, moisturizing, and beautiful color. Cons are pricey, bulky, poor lasting power and pigmentation.

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