Burmese – Myanmar Makup Trends & Beauty Industry

Burmese ( Myanmar ) Beauty Industry &  Makup Trends Hygiene Issues :

Honestly, I am not a famous makeup artist from/in Burma. I went to Japanese beauty school called Reiju in Rangoon. I worked in Japanese beauty saloon called, Fujiko for awhile as junior hairstylist and assistant makeup artist. Then I worked as a freelance MUA in some MTV shoots, in fashion shows, photoshoots, and MUA of some singers. Then I was happened to move to Bangkok, Thailand.Burmese Myanmar makeup

Makeup has always been my passion since I was young. My mom and aunt are singers in my country, so, they always have to makeup all the times for their social activities and events. I never get bored of staring their makeovers, still today, I love to watch their makeover times. My interest and passion in makeup and cosmetics started from that staring.

So, let me get back to Burmese beauty industry. Normally, and in old days, majority of makeup artist used to be shemales in my country. Still today in my country, majority of beauticians are shemales in my country. If we compare the gender, there can be like 70% shemales makeup artists, 20% of women MUAs and 10% of men MUAs. I am not doing gender discrimination here, I am just explaining the estimated ratio of MUAs from my country.

Some people prefer shemales makeup artists. Because as I believe, shemales are good at seeing and sensing the beauty than average women. They can see beauty from the man perspective and also from woman perspective. Just my 2 cent. And for sure, they know how to talk better and can approach people better than women. But sometimes, they look scary to me, they really know how to kick you with words and can be rough.Burmese bold makeup

Traditional Burmese people like bold makeup looks. It is like they want others to notice they are wearing makeup, they worried makeup won’t show. Especially in graduation makeups and Burmese bridal makeups, the makeup looks are so strong, bold and bright. That is what our people like. Majority of Burmese women don’t wear complete makeup everyday. They only do in special occasion. So in the days they will get married and in graduation day, they want to make sure and show off their makeup that I have heavy makeup on. For me, it looks too much.burmese bridal makeup

I learned my basic makeup course in Japanese style with Japanese instructor. Japanese makeup are mostly neutral tones with flawless foundation which is a key. Most of the Burmese makeup artists learned their makeup techniques from Thai style. Traditional Thai makeup or Thai TV makeup looks exactly same as my country’s favorite makeup style.

But these days, there are some changes because of Korean pop culture. Now, young girls and women from my country want to have Korean actress makeup style. So, there are some irritating issues I have experienced; women who have completely different skin tones and the skin condition want to look so fair and flawless Korean actress makeup.Korean actress makeup style

They would tell me that ‘ Oh sister, I want natural look, I don’t want to appear as I wear too much makeup or bright. But well what she wanted to mean it ‘neutral colors’ not natural. There is no way you are going to look like a natural beauty without concealing and good foundation after you are 21. Only you can be beautiful, glowing with natural look without makeup when you are under 21. And they really need to know their high-tech filming system, lighting issues and all professional touch up thingy after their photoshoot or TV series production.

So, here, I want to talk about hygiene issues in Burmese beauty industry. I swear to God that I have seen so many other makeup artists in Burma who does not care or aware of being hygiene AT ALL. My teachers from beauty school taught some basic hygiene rules but no one really care. Even what they taught me is not enough at all. Actually, they don’t even really teach about that. I talked to my old principal about that last time and she confessed me that there are so many other techniques to teach and they forget to teach those matters. Honestly, even the shop I worked and my seniors did not care or know how to be hygiene when they do makeup for others. That is very important actually. The way you do makeup for someone or the things you use make the other person get sick. I am not talking about just breakouts here, it is more than that like you can get herpes from lip stick, lip brush, cold, red/pink eyes/eye infections from mascara, eyeliner brush and eyeshadow.Burmese makeup

Really, so many worse experiences I have seen and experienced. I am sure those things are not only in my country. In every country, it depends on each person. But I really feel responsible to be sanitary for my clients, the people I do makeup for. Oh man, I have seen our country top makeup artist lick the eyeliner pencil and drew on someone’s eyes to get perfect define line..Really??? What the hack is pencil sharpener for? That was so gross. And again same brushes and sponges on so many girls, many times dipping same mascara to all her clients as long as she has mascara inside. When I think about those, I feel like dying. There is no one told me to use disposable makeup applicators or I have never seen anyone use disposable mascara wand and stuffs. I thank God that I had a chance to read and learn a lot myself to find out right things to do. I have also worked in one cosmetic company in my country. Those testers company provided for, sale girls and all those customers just used them, pad them on their faces. Lipglosses, they just applied them directly from the tube over and over again. I really really want to do hygiene awareness in my country’s beauty industry. Before, I wanted to do my blog in my language, but sadly, I cannot type in Burmese and also blogger is banned to browse in my country. It is just so hard to educate some people from my country since our country is so third world.

There was a post about how to sanitize your makeup . I will also update more as much as I know. But for sure, I will never go out and do makeup for anyone without enough disposables, alcohol spray bottle, hand sanitizer, extra brushes/sponges and all. I hope my post helps you a bit somehow. Share me your experiences and thought of this hygiene matters related to makeup and cosmetics.


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