Charles Worthington Salon At Home – Strength and Repair Kit review

I used to see these  Charles Worthington Salon At Home kits in boots all the time and was always tempted to buy one but the price (i can’t remember how much but it was well over a tenner) put me off. Recently they’ve stopped selling them in boots but when i was in home bargins i noticed they had them for just £4 so thought i’d give it a try!Charles Worthington Salon At Home - Strength and Repair Kit

I opted for the ‘strength and repair’ kit. I’m quite good with my hair so it’s not overly damaged, but everyone gets a bit over excited with the GHD’s occasionally so thought this one would be the best for me.

It says that you get 4 applications, when i read this on the front of the box i thought they’d come in seperate packaging for the different applications but it doesn’t, so if you used sparingly or had short hair you could probably get more applications out of it.

First of all you get hair oil which you put all over your hair and keep on for 10 minuets, you also get a sexy shower cap to put on to help the oils heat up. Charles Worthington Salon At Home - Strength and Repair Kit reviewSecondly you get a shampoo and then the third is an intensive conditioner. Charles Worthington Salon At Home -kit  reviewYou’re supposed to leave the conditioner on for 5 minuets but i left it on for about half an hour, i always think they work better if you leave them longer.
Charles Worthington Salon At Home Kit
Over all my hair felt amazing when i’d finished, it was gorgeously soft and felt very healthy. The only problem i had was that my fringe felt a bit greasy but i think that’s because i got over excited with the oil. Im excited to see how my hair feels after using all the applications and will probably give the other boxes a try at the bargin price of £4! If you have a home bargins near you get yourself down there and purchase Charles Worthington Salon At Home Strength and Repair Kit , your hair will thank you for it!

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