China Glaze Sunsational Collection Swatches

Hello ladies,

Today I decided to bring you a quick post to show you some nail swatches and briefly talk about three of the China Glaze Sunsational Collection Nail Polishes. The three that I purchased are:Highlight of my Summer, Son of a Peach, and Neon & On & On. 

China Glaze Sunsational Collection Swatches

China Glaze Sunsational Collection

Highlight of My Summer— (a bright, almost neon mint green). 
If you’re thinking, “Oh this is just another mint green;” you are absolutely wrong! This shade is the most beautiful mint green I have laid my eyes on. It is bright, almost neon, and absolutely beautiful. For this swatch, I didn’t use a base or top coat, and this is three normal coats. Because these nail polishes are semi-neon they do go on a bit streaky the first coat or two, but you won’t need more than three coats. With this particular shade, you could possibly get away with 2 thick coats. Out of the three shades, this is probably the easiest to work with.
China Glaze Sunsational Collection Neon Green China Glaze Neon Green
 Son of a Peach—(a bright, almost neon, peachy coral orange shade)
Color wise, and honestly, name wise lol, this is the most unique and probably my favorite of the three, although I love all three pretty much equally, but consistency wise this is a nightmare. I tried putting this on my toes one night, and it was super streaky and pretty hard to work with. The following swatches of this nail polish show 3 thick coats. Don’t get me wrong, this shade is stunning and I would buy it again just because I love the color, but the formula, honestly sucks! Once again, these are neonish shades, so they are doomed to be streaky.
China Glaze Peach China Glaze Peach shade
 Neon & On & On—(bright, almost neon, medium-light pink)
This shade is gorgeous, and once again, if you’re thinking this is just like any other neon pink, you are wrong! This is my favorite shade of neon pink that I own, and that I have ever seen. It’s unique, because it’s neon and bright, but a light shade of pink; unlike China Glaze Shocking Pinkwhich is a bright, fuschia, neon pink. This one is also three normal coats like the first one, but you could easily get away with 2 thick coats. It’s beautiful, and I’m considering getting a back up of this one because it’s so different than any other neon pink I’ve seen.

China Glaaze Pink China Glaaze Pink shade

Hope you all enjoyed this quick post and swatches on these beautiful neon, pastel nail polishes from the China Glaze Sunsational Collection 2013. Thanks so much for reading.


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