Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions foundation and Clearing Concealer Review

I am still looking for another foundation… I love foundations so much and I seem to never have enough! I like different finishes and coverage on different days I guess.
Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation

I got a sample of the Anti Blemish Solutions foundation from Clinique and tried it out for 2 days, and my experience? Not so nice…

Clinique state: 
Non-irritating, oil-free makeup helps blend away bumps, neutralise redness. Targeted ingredients help treat existing break outs and keep them from coming back.

I tried this on the first day as I had a little bit of a break out on my chin. It applies well and doesn’t streak on me, but I still needed to be quick about it as it dries quite quickly. It is a Medium-full coverage so it covered any redness that I had from the slight volcano appearing on my face.

It felt comfortable enough during the day, and it dries to a matt finish on me. On the clinique scale of skin types, this foundation is for number 3 and 4 people (Oily- Very Oily) and I am a number 2… so I expected it to be slightly drying in places, but that is the whole point as it is meant to dry out blemishes to get rid of them quickly.
Clinique foundationFoundation Application

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation, Ivory

On day 2, I wore it again and it was horrendous… It accentuated my blemishes as they were drying out, it make my whole face feel very dry and tight. I honestly couldn’t wait to get home to take off my make up. Even using a cream blush didnt sort it out! It lasted all day though… but foundations usually do with me, Im lucky 🙂

Would I buy it?
No… I cant stand drying foundations and this one is clearly not made for my skin type. It would be excellent on those with oilier skin than me!
Clinique Concealer

Anti Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer
I whip this out when I have a few spots. Its just an OK concealer… but I just love the fact that it is a clearing one. You have to work super quick with this, if you leave it on your skin for any length of time, it dries and its very hard to blend and goes cakey.
 Conclealer application
Conceler Effect

See what I mean? Its very thick and very little goes a very long way. On me It has a tendency to crease up and look cakey, because I only really have break outs on my chin, talking and general mouth movements make it go that way.

I would love to find a different concealer for clearing up my blemishes… what do you all use?


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