Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover Review

I have the worst luck with eye make up removers… most of them sting my eyeballs even when they are meant to be for ‘sensitive eyes’.

I am rather sick of standing at the sink for 20 seconds (which seems like an eternity) with a cotton pad on my eye waiting for my eye make up to dissolve enough for me to wipe it off. I have to also note that to remove my eye make up on most occasions… I use baby oil… most people might cringe at this, but to be honest I find no problem with it except that it wasn’t specifically made for eyes.

I have discovered this complete gem in my drawer. It is only a trial size product but boy does it work!!
Clinique Take the Day Off makeup remover Review

This is a ‘shake to activate’ bottle. You can see the layer of oil sitting on top and whatever else sinking to the bottom. You can see it sinking in the picture above.
Honestly though, I cant rave about this product enough, in only 5 seconds of sitting on your eye I can wipe off all of my eye make up, even the waterproof eyeliner and mascara! Not a red eye in sight as well, score!
This is a definite repurchase for me! For handing over £14 to a lovely Clinique lady, you can have a whole 125ml of an awesome product. I am sure there are products out there that are a lot cheaper, but I have yet to find them!

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