Coastal Scents 78 Color Palette Review

I have been using this palette for awhile ans so far, i like it. It is affordable, compact and varieties of eyeshadows and blush colors in one palette. This palette saves lots of space for sure. The quality is not bad and if with a good eyeshadow base/primer, you can really build a vibrant colors. I find these eyeshadows and blush colors are good for photography as well.
Coastal Scents 78 Color Palette ReviewCoastal Scents 78 Color Palette
This 78 palette contains 6 blush colors, 60 eyeshadows and 12 cake liner/highlighter. Eyeshadows colors are from neutral colors to bright green, pink, blue, orange. Blushes are neutral, rosy pink, bright pink, orangey blush and cake eyeliner/highlighter are mainly white, black, gray and silver colors.

Some of these eyeshadows can cause fall outs and to prevent that, use with a little bit stiff brush and good eyeshadow base.

I bought this from ebay, and you can also buy from Costal Scent, BH cosmetics and other private label cosmetic companies. Price depends on the seller and normally from 15-30 $. It comes in a sleek compact with a big mirror and 2 applicators. My mirror was broken due to handling on the way from Hong Kong to Thailand.

This palette is good for people who are on budget and want varieties of colors or people who likes bright colors. Also this is good for aspiring and new makeup artist. You can get quite a lot of blush colors, eyeshadows and liners in one palette with affordable price. I use cake liners with wet technique sometimes and it makes the colors better.

This is my first try of those palettes and I am planning to try a 88 warm palette as my next try now.

What do you think of these palette? Do you own one?

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