Collagen Egg Soap Review

Few weeks ago my mom imported some stuffs from Thailand and i found it a lil bit funny, an Egg soap!

Collagen Egg Soap Review

when i open the box i was like “wth is this?? -_-” i wonder an egg soap and smells like an egg, yuck!
but i was wrong, it smells like fruit i think it’s kinda peach or citrus i can’t guess. it has a strong fragrance which i like but some people prefer a mild fragrance and this is definitely not their choice.
it has the same brand with my previous review of  Qiansoto mud mask.
i’m wearing this soap for about a week and i think i need more time to make a proper review, since i celebrate Easter just consider this as a special post for Easter 😀 but still, i think i already got the point of this soap so i just write it out for you.
Egg Soap-collagen
Collagen Egg Soap
written on the brochure :
*Membantu proses pembentukan kulit dan meningkatkan daya elastis kulit. Collagen berguna dalam membantu
pembentukan sel baru di kulit. Collagen dapat masuk ke pori kulit, dan bekerja efektif di lapisan epidermis kulit Anda.*Membantu tumbuhnya kulit baru yang memiliki daya renggang/elastisitas yang lebih baik dari kulit sebelumnya.

*Sabun telur adalah sabun terunik yang mengandung vitamin C dan E serta collagen untuk mengencangkan,

melembabkan, mencerahkan, membuat kulit wajah dan badan menjadi lebih kenyal.*Dalam 3 kali pemakaian kulit langsung lebih kencang dan kompleksi wajah dan badan lebih “soft”, warna kulit langsung

lebih cerah dalam 7 hari pemakaian.*Rasakan bedanya saat dipegang kulit terasa padat dan kenyal, collagen kembali terproduksi dengan baik, Scar/bopeng

bekas jerawat terlihat lebih dangkal. Flek atau noda hitam menjadi berwarna lebih muda.Isi 90 gram dapat digunakan selama -+ 2 bulan.

my thought: (after one week)
i feel my skin a lil bit softer than before. Last week i got sun burn on my shoulder cos i did an outdoor photoshoot at 11-4 o’clock and my shoulder look worst and burnt and really really dark but after 3 days of using this soap the skin is like peeled off and turns out brighter.
Honestly i didn’t see anything different on my scar yet, since the soap is promising the scar will getting better. maybe it takes a lil bit more time until the scar fade away.
it doesn’t generate a large amount of bubble thus not too foamy which is comfortable for me.
Collagen Egg Soap 2
Collagen Egg Soap 3
* unique shape
* easy to grip, since the size match my palm
* fruit fragrance
* makes my skin softer and brighter ( in the process to achieve more result)
* doesn’t feel sticky after i rinse it off
* can’t stand up in a flat surface, due to the egg-shaped form
* strong fragrance which not suit for some people
if you’re interested with this soap, you can buy from me. fyi, last time i successfully sell off 20 sachet of Qiansoto mud mask without any profit and my mom was mad at me because she lost approximately Rp 100.000, sorry mom 😛 so by now i will sell this with my mom’s selling price, so it’s fair enough.
you can purchase this for Rp 38.000 only, and buy two for Rp 35.000 each.
i try to found out how to make the packaging nice, and i end up with this. cute right?
i thinks it’s worth for Rp 38.000 include the packaging, isn’t it?
Collagen Egg Soap-the packaging
i’m planning to make an online shop so you can purchase some things and stuff i wear and review on my blog….. what do you think?

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