Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Review

I decided to give colour B4 a go tonight, my hair looks ridiculous its a golden brown on top and black on the bottom… ugh…! I really regret dying my hair black now!! This was it before:
Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover ReviewColour B4 Hair Colour Remover

I was going on on Saturday night, and my hair looks a bit more wavy here but you can see the difference between the top and bottom. My hair naturally is a mousey brown and I have to say I dont like it, so I have dyed my hair from the age of 14… eek I know… But I always give my hair a break for a while before I dye it again.
Colour B4

I have my colour B4 in which is colourless and smells a bit funny… I don’t quite know what it is yet, but I didnt like it! You have to leave this in for 20 minutes, easy peasy… the hard part is rinsing it for 5 minutes afterwards. This might seem like no time at all… but when your stood over the bath a bit of back ache can happen! Then you put in a ‘Buffer’ for one minute, rinse that out for a further 5 minutes (ouch) and use the buffer again as a shampoo and just rinse it out.
I didn’t notice any colour being removed from my hair and I started to get a bit disappointed. I was expecting to see colour like you would when rinsing out a hair dye, but no! I towel dried my hair and saw a lovely colour…. *drumroll please!!*
 Colour B4 Review
TA DA!!!
I am now a red head… ginger… strawberry blonde or chestnut sunrise… whatever you want to call it, thats what I am!! I freakin looooove it!! some cool pictures:
Colour B4 hair look
With Flash…
Colour B4 Hair look in flash Colour B4 Hair look in flash 1 Colour B4 Hair look in flash 2


I did buy a Golden Brown colour to dye my hair with afterwards…. but ppfffftttt… not now *Boring!*
Now I just need to find a colour Exactly like this to do my poor roots that have been left behind! Colour B4 doesnt touch natural colour, so I need to find something!! Can anyone please recommend to me a colour exactly  or very close to this!?

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