Cure Natural Aqua Gel Review

Review: Cure Aqua Natural Gel~ read this and you will know the magic!

Hello lovely readers,
Today, I am going to be reviewing the oh-so famous Cure Aqua Natural Gel that everyone talks about. I wanted to try this a long, long time ago, since Bubzbeauty on youtube always raved about how this gel works, so I decided to give it a go almost a year ago, and let me tell you, this exfoliating gel is so awesome and worth the hype ! And I  didn’t know why I didn’t show you guys this sooner, if you are interested, keep reading ! ~ !

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle, water-based exfoliant made from natural plant extracts of aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. It effectively sloughs off dead skin cells without irritating or harming skin, making it suitable even for the most sensitive skin types. After cleansing face, apply gel on face and neck. Gently massage gel into the skin and see the dead skin cells immediately peel off into tiny white balls. Rinse well with water and then pat skin dry.
Cure Natural Aqua Gel-back packaging
This gel has a really simple packaging as it comes in white clear color with writings on it and the pump. Simple ? yes, but I still prefer cuter packaging (: Cute packaging makes me want to use it more often ^.^
Cure Natural Aqua Gel-packaging
Cure Natural Aqua Gel-back packaging2
This product is extremely hard to find unless you are in Asia when you prefer to buy on eBay and Amazon. Because this is such a popular product, I couldn’t trust those eBay sellers, so I decided to purchased mine from imomoko for $39. imomoko carries a lot of Asian cosmetics brands such as Etude, Tony Moly, Innisfree, Naruko, SK-II, Biore,… and many more.
As I said, this product provides a pump, which is so awesome for controlling how much amount of products do you want to use. If you prefer other ways, you can also twist the little thing on the top, which I don’t know what to call that, hehe. Neither you are going to use the pump or not, once you get the gel out, massage it evenly on your face,  or anywhere in your body, till you notice the dead skin cells and the grey mushy water coming out from the gel.
Aqua Gel- cure natural
This product contains no scents at all, which is okay for me, but I also like products that smell nice. Talk about texture, it has a gel-like feeling as you rub it over your skin, but it will change to a different texture once you blended it with the dead cells.
Cure Natural Aqua Gel-the texture
Cure Natural Aqua Gel-when applied
I bet you can already tell if the product works or not. Look at those nasty dead skin. Looking at them make me feel like I made a right choice purchasing this product !
-simple packaging, so easy to use!
-no heavy scents
-does what it suppose to
-not drying
-nice texture
-no harsh feeling
-#teamawesome !
– a little pit pricey.
Rate: 5/5
I really do love this product, and I highly recommend it to you all. It actually leaves my skin feeling very smooth and this exfoliating gel did not irritates my skin at all ! I have notice some changes on my skin, it really HELPs to brightens up my skin due to the getting rid of dead skins. It also did helps lightens my sunspots which is so awesome because i didn’t think that i would get that benefit !
Have you try this exfoliating gel yet? Leave a comment down below, i would love to know (; Thank you so much for reading and you know, for you to follow my blog means the world to me, so please follow for more reviews about Asian/American makeup and skincare ^.^



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