DIY Ombre to Dipdye hair

Hey guys!

So here’s a little overview on how I went from ombre to coloured dip-dyed hair!! The two colours I ended up selected were violet and fuschia as they seemed to be the best suited to my personality. I was a little hesitant to dye my hair myself, but overall I am super happy with the results! Scroll down to see pictures and little tid bits of how I achieved my new fun and quirky look 🙂DIY Ombre to Dipdye hair

Started out with Ombre Hair.DIY Ombre to Dipdye hair tutorial

The products you will need for dying hair dip dye:

  • A protective layer (I used a clean garbage bag and cut 3 holes for my head and arms) Also use an old top that you don’t mind getting stained on as things are going to get messy!
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Scissors
  • Bleaching Powder and Developer
  • Mixing Bowl and Brush
  • Pink and Purple Hair Dye (Vitality’s Hair Colour Plus – Violet and Fuxia)
  • Gloves
  • Mirror
  • Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye – Black DIY Ombre hair  to Dipdye hair
Measure out where you want the dip dye to start and wrap 2 elastic bands around that spot. I then applied the black hair dye all over the hair above the elastic bands making sure to work that in well for maximum coverage. DIY Ombre hair to Dipdye
Be careful not to get any on your face as it will stain!! lol… I wasn’t so fortunate and ended up getting black hair dye all over my face and neck!
After that, I mixed in 60mls of bleaching developer and 2 tablespoons of bleach powder into the bowl and mixed that til it became a nice, creamy consistency. I applied all over the tips (front, back and in between) so that it’s an even coverage. This was done so that the colours could appear alot more vibrant and truer to colour.ombre to dipdye
Leave the black hair dye and bleach in for about an hour, then rinse and blow dry.
Next, apply the purple hair dye first to the top part of the bleached ends, making sure to work that in really well. Wrap that up in foil, leaving a small portion of purple dyed hair out from the foil. This will help the transition from purple to pink look alot more gradual (if you want more of a solid block colour you can go ahead and skip that step) Do the same thing on the other side, and then repeat the same process again with the pink hair dye. Leave the coloured hair dye in for about 45mins (for lighter hair) and up to 2hours (for darker hair) Make sure to check with a hair professional or the description box as different leave-in times can vary depending on the brand that you use. DIY  Dipdye hair
Rinse out the hair dye, but DO NOT wash until the water runs clear, or else you will end up like i did (as seen in picture above) I had to reapply the colour again…DIY Ombre  Dipdye hairOmbre Dipdye hair at home
This is what it looked like after the second application!! What d you think about my purple dip dyed hair ?
TADAAA!!DIY Ombre to Dipdye purple hair
OOTDDipdye  purple hair

Jewellery and Nailsblack sandals
ShoesDIY  purple Dipdye hair

Hair and sunnies!!

Hope you like the look ! Leave your comments down below and let me  know what you think!

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