Ear Gauging – My expirience

Ear Gauging – My expirience and review :

This may not be a subject that most of your are interested in, but for two years I have had my ears gauged to 10mm. I love the look of it and the gorgeous plugs and tunnels you can buy.tattoos and ear plugs

ear plugs and tattoos

ear plugs
Ear gauging is the process of stretching a piercing. (wherever it may be) or you can also punch a hole somewhere so to speak. To stretch a piercing you insert a “taper” into your ear like this:Ear Gauging stretching kit

Now as you can see the tapers get larger at the end, and this is the size that you would aim to have, This is a general stretching kit and goes up to 8mm, but I chose to go one higher. It is a long process and can take up to months to achieve, but the end result is well worth it when you get a brand spanking new plug or tunnel in there and it looks awesome!

Tommy has also decided to go through this process and is sitting at 8mm, he was the biggest wuss doing it though! He got jealous of mine, a few other people that I have came across in my journey of life also saw my ears and decided to do it as well, albeit they were men.. but still!

Keeping your stretched ears clean is a bit of a chore, as a build up of funky stuff accumulates because your ear piercing or gauged ear constantly tries to repair itself, normal, small piercings get this too, but not to the same degree. It is rather quite nasty…

But now that I have had a bambino, im getting on in my years and I have a little family to look after, having gauged ears isnt as practical as it once was. Amber got her fingers into my tunnel and decided to pull… that was a frightening occurrence and one that I never want to repeat! So I have decided to take out my plugs and let my ears heal up… because after seeing so many pretty earrings out there, I want some lovely dangly ones! I know Amber can pull on these too, but It would just be for work and nights out 🙂

Bye Bye holes… I will miss you…Ear Gauging

I have heard that 10mm is the cut off point i.e my ears may never go back to the way they were, but I may as well try it and see, there’s no harm in it!

My ears now look slightly ugly now though… 🙁

Wish me luck!

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