Effortless Makeup Tips

Wearing makeup is easy! You don’t need  to put TOO MUCH product on your face indeed.

In this post i will show you my version of EFFORTLESS makeup, and it suits for everyday look.
some people say if you’re wearing makeup you will look older and unnatural, yes it might be but you won’t find any unnatural and old look here!
Effortless Makeup Tips
Effortless Makeup Tips2
i’m not wearing anything, not even powder (top photo), now you see my bare face 8D
no photoshop ( i only edited the brightness )
if you notice, the big difference is on my eyes. LENS bring a BIG INFLUENCE on my face. as you can see my pupil and iris are so small. thanks to who made big diameter lens! *kiss kissi’m wearing softlens from newlook (wonder). i prefer softlens rather than circle lens for daily wear because i wear it all the time and softlens feels more comfortable rather than circle lens.

Effortless Makeup Tips-EYES
Effortless Makeup Tips-EYES2
 i only use this…
Effortless Makeup Tips-what i used
Pigeon Translucent powder
Sariayu quad ( only use the brightest color on the middle)
Canmake liquid liner
Oriflame black pencil liner
Viva eyebrow pencil
Kate mascara
 NYX round lipgloss
(you may also wear bb cream before put any powder)
 * don’t put too much foundation ( bb cream or two way cake will be better )
* don’t put too much powder or it will look heavy, apply powder with a blush brush
* choose earth tone color for eyeshadow
* no need to contour your face too much, you can do it on your nose bridge and cheeckbone with a sheer contouring
* choose nude or natural color for lips, NO RED
* NO HARSH EYEBROW, chocolate eyebrow pencil will be a good choice
* don’t put too much blush on
conclusion : NO NEED TO PUT TOO MUCH 🙂
anyway, this is only according to my opinion and experience. i’m not a beauty expert so forgive me if i did some mistake. hope it helps!
Effortless Makeup Tips3
Effortless Makeup Tips4
kiss and hug,
Bella ♥

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