Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream Review

Hello everyone! Today, I’ll be doing a review of the Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear BB Cream that I got as a gift from my lovely friend, Chee from, so be sure to check her out too! I replaced the old pictures with the new pictures because it was too ugly, haha!

Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream


With its soft application, this dual effect whitening + UV protection BB Cream promotes youthful skin with its natural coverage that conceals imperfections and uneven skin-tone.

This is a BB Cream that I thought was similar to the ShiniStar Clear BB Lotion but i was wrong. hehe. The other one was the BB Lotion which obviously would feel lighter than BB Cream. Also, the other one only has SPF 20 PA ++ while the Dear Girls BB Cream has the SPF 30 PA++, more of sun protection, perfect for summer !
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-descriptions
As i mentioned earlier, I received this as a gift from Chee (: but you can also purchase it at W2beauty has a lot of old and new products, so you’ll be able to find what you want for sure!
As expected from Etude House, the packaging of this product is as well pink ! lol i love it, so cute. The decorations are those birds, tress, mirrors, bows, flowers, high heels, stuffs that are related to us girls (: That’s why the name of the link of this line is DEAR GIRLS ^.^
The product itself comes with a lighter pink cap, contains 30g of product which is so reasonable for its price also, but don’t worry, this bb cream will cover your whole face with just a tiny pea size, so a little goes a long way, hehe
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream Review
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-back packaging
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-the lid
This BB Cream smells so good indeed! I love how sweet and floral it smell like. It does not smell heavy or too much at all! I love it ! when i wear this, it’s actually not that noticeable about the scent, so you guys can already infer that the smell of this is very light! On the other hand, the texture is very creamy, yet easy to blend! I love how light it feels on my skin even though it’s a BB Cream, not a BB Lotion!
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-the coverage
I drew a black liner on my hand, and with the bb cream on top, I think the coverage is quite good ! Indeed, Etude’s BB Cream never disappoints me (: But, it only comes in one shade which was a little disappointing, but luck I have light-fair skin tone, it still suits me perfectly!
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-the coverage test
I have only used it for couple times now, days and nights when i go out. I think the staying power of this bb cream is quite good ! It stays on your face for around 5-6 hours without reapply, so that’s pretty good for me (: The oil control of this bb cream is quite good too (: For a combination skin like me, oil starts to appear  4-5 hours after I applied the bb cream. Then if i use a pact or plotting paper, it can stay matte even longer ! I love how light and moisturizing it feels on my skin.
-cute packaging (:
-smells good ^^
-a little goes a long way
-creamy texture
-easy to blend
-moisturizing and not drying
-spf 30 pa++ sun protection !
-whitening effect
-good coverage
-good oil control
-only comes in 1 shade
i dont think i found a bad thing about this bb cream aside that it comes only in one shade, may not suits for people with darker skin tones.
I love it (: 5/5
I actually love everything about this awesome BB Cream (: Love how light and moiturizing it feels, how good is the coverage and oil control, and the main part is the SPF 30 PA ++ and the cute, lovely packaging ! I hope you try it, it will not disappoints you at all !
For a few next reviews, I will be doing reviews of another two products from this line, it is their moisturizer and their pact, so stay tuned !


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