Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam Review

Hi lovelies!
Today, I have a review of a really cool product here for you! It is the Cool Band Freeze Foam from the most recent collection Ice Shot of Etude House! This was a product I had my eye on when I was browsing through the newest products of Etude House on Google! Now, let’s just get started with the review! Keep reading if you’re interested!
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam
Rapid cooling cooling spray!
 Cool bubble adhesion in an instant as high-band that changed fast cooling effect, cooling spray.
 On areas of the skin that you want freedom!
 A new formulation of a long growing wider in the desired areas of the skin can be used freely.
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam-description
Like other Etude House’s products, this particular one also has a really cute packaging! Especially the detail in the front! It comes in 80ml plastic/metal ( i don’t know which one ) bottle, and it is aqua blue, expresses the theme, ice shot, very well! It also comes with a really cool cap and pump! Very hygienic!
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam-packaging
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam-packaging-2
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam-packaging-3
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam-packaging-lid
At first, when you just spray the foam out, oh my gosh! It has such a weird alcohol scent, to the point that I hate it! But honestly, after a few seconds, it changes to such a lovely floral smell! As for the sound, when you spray it out, it just sounds like a bottle of soda is being opened! And when you touch it, it’s like a volcano about to explode, also the same feeling when you touch the gas in the soda! Very interesting!
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam-texture
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam-texture-2
Etude House Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam-texture-3
I don’t even know what I need this for, apart from cooling my skin down. My aunt said that this is the most useless product, and haha that’s true. However, there are many benefits which you can get from it. Freeze foam helps you cool down your temperature while it also tight up pores on your face! I don’t really know about if it really works, but it does feel very cooling!
Tip! If you have combination~oily skin, I think you should get this! I use it to put on my face after I do my makeup, and it just helps the makeup to set on very well, and it helps to control oils for very long time! I find it very helpful as in the Summer, my skin produce oils a lot and it could open up pores, and led up to blemishes or acne!
I feel like this product is a fun and unique way to release your stress on a hot summer day, lol! It just very cooling and it just really also cool down my anger inside, lol! However, I do not find this product gives any benefits other than a few I’ve mentioned above! But, I love it, since I think it just helps me to control my oils and makeup in place very well, and not to mention that it also cools down your temperature, and that’s what it suppose to do!
Ok, I received this on the 6th and been playing with it since then. But guess what ? I’ve used it all! The bottle is finished! I don’t know if the pump is broken or not, but I tried to pump it out so many times, but it won’t come out. Omg, I only used it for couple days, how could this happened ?! * cried inside * But seriously, only couple days, no way -.-

– cheap
– cute packaging
– smells floral afterward
– cool feeling when applied
– helps to set  makeup in place
– unique sound and texture
– cool down temperature
– a great thing to release stress or anger
– smells like alcohol when it comes out of the bottle
– doesn’t have that much of products
Since I’m not a fan of the alcohol smell that just came out of the bottle and also it doesn’t have that much of products!
You can get this product at for $ 13.98, which is very close to the prize in Korea! . They also have an eBay shop called iamlove-shop and both sites offer free shipping! The shipping is incredibly fast! It took 10 days! for it to arrive here in the US all the way from South Korea! I was very impressed!

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