Etude House in Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5 Review

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Sorry for not posting frequently these days! I went MIA for couple days, akkkk … omg. that was such a long time! I was so busy with school haha I finally have time to write this post! Today, I am reviewing Etude House’s latest lip product from the And Rose collection! The Rosy Tint Lips in #1 Before Blossom and #5 Baby Peony! Keep reading if you’d like to know more about these!
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5
The ‘Rosy Tint Lips’ have velvet-like texture and has lively color pigments that it creates lips as if one bite on roses. This matte burgundy tint looks great on anyone and its tube type container and sponge tip create natural gradation makeup. From the most trendy color burgundy rose, there are pink, real red and five other colors that were inspired from rose leaves.
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-description
It comes in such a pretty awesome box! OMG, like look at all the roses! #1 and #8 have a red box while the others have a white box, including #5! Hehe, I love both! The packaging itself comes in a tube container and a sponge. However! The thing I hate about it is when i try to squeeze it, it won’t come up, unless you squeeze it really hard! Ugh, it pisses me off! Other than that, I love the packaging!
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-packaging
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-packaging-2
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-packaging-3
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-packaging-4
This lip tint comes in 8 colors, and my choice were #1 Before Blossom and #5 Baby Peony!
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-colors
Both doesn’t have much smell since I can’t really open it and smell them! When I squeeze them out and apply it on my lips, they have a nice, natural rose scented, which perfectly matches the theme! It doesn’t smell bad, or good, just pleasant! As for the texture, it is very creamy, but not overly creamy! It’s a matte formula, so you might think it’s drying right?! But it’s actually not! And of course, it’s not moisturizing either! LOL . xD #1 is a natural red that is buildable to a really nice bright red! #5 is such an amazing dupe is Yoon Eun Hye’s lips in Missing You if you apply a few layers! As for one layer, it’d be a great soft pink! These are extremely pigmented!
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-swatch
I love how natural and pigmented these look! I love how it gives a matte formula, but it’s not drying, and since it is a matte lips trend season, I wish I can just have more colors to rock th
em on my lips, hehe 😀 It stays for pretty long actually, around 4-5 hours without eating or drinking! You can build up the colors also!
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-blossom
#1 Before Blossom
Etude House and Rose Rosy Tint Lips #1 + #5-baby phoeny
#5 Baby Poeny
– super kawaii packaging!
– pleasant scent
– matte formula
– not drying
– stay on long
– pigmented
– looks very natural
– lovely texture

– hard to squeeze the product out

4.5/5 OMG *.* in love!
You can purchase this at for $ 10 with free shipping. Now they are having sale every 3rd week of the month, so you can get 10% off all Etude House’s products! AWESOME! They carry it on sale for $9 so make sure you go and get yours now!  HAHA
* this was a sponsored item, how ever it does not effect my opinions on this product!
Ok! That is it for today! I hope you enjoy it! I gotta go and do my hw now guys! Also, need to catch up on some sleep, I’m so tired!
Awkkkk, thanks for reading guys!

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