EyeShadow Primer Alternatives

Last post, I wrote about eyeshadow base/primer. Now, here is the tip if you don’t have eyeshadow base/primer or if you don’t want to buy one. To substitute the eyeshadow base/primer, you can use the concealer and powderdiy eyeshadow primer

First of all, take a little bit amount of concealer and blend it well on your eyelids gently. If you have discoloration around eyelid area, concealer is even better than using eyeshadow base/primer. Then set your concealer with powder, you can either use loose powder or pressed powder. I love to use loose powder with a brush. Don’t skip the step of setting your concealer with powder. That is the key point which will make your eyeshadow last longer.

Ok, worst of all, if you don’t have concealer around, you can use this technique, but I would not recommend it to use for every time. This way should only be used if you are on trip/way, you forgot your concealer or the time hard to get concealer or eyeshadow base. Take a teeny tiny amount of chapstick or lipbalm, just dab very little on your eyelids, then set with powder. Make sure you use very very little amount, just make a base to grab your powder and eyeshadow.

Please don’t forget to set with your powder whatever you use. Eyelids are tend to be oily easily and get eyeshadow crease easily in hot weather, so make sure you use eyeshadow base before applying eye makeup.

Have a great eyemakeup! =)

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