Galaxy Nails Tutorial

How To: Galaxy Nails!

 So i’m going to show you how to create this nail art. It’s really easy and simple! You will not need any special tools, just a sponge and of course, the nail polish.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial
You’ll Need:
* Black Nail Polish (any basic black)
* Pink Nail Polish ( I’m using O.P.I Kiss Me on My Tullips)
* Blue Nail Polish (I’m using China Glaze Frostbite)
* Sponge. Any sponge, really. I’m using a makeup sponge
* Glitter Nail Polish

* Revlon Scented Polish in Ocean Breeze
(It’s a blue polish with green undertone, it’s a pearl essence nail polish. I use it to blend all the colors together)

  • Step 1
Paint 2 thin coats of the black polish.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-1O Galaxy Nails Tutorial-2
  • Step 2
Using a makeup sponge apply the Revlon’s Ocean Breeze on the sponge and dab it on your nails. Just make sure you blend it so you cant see where it starts and where it ends.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-4 Galaxy Nails Tutorial-5
It should look something like this:
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-6
  • Step 3
Repeat the same step for the blue polish.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-7 Galaxy Nails Tutorial-8
  • Step 4
Again, repeat the step with the pink polish.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-9 Galaxy Nails Tutorial-1O
This is what the final sponge-painting result should be like:
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-11
It looks pretty disgusting. But, the magic happens with the glitter. You might want to get 2 different kinds of glitter polishes. One with little specs of glitter and the other with the a bigger, round glitter. Luckily my glitter polish has both in it.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-12
For the final step, just apply the glitter polish on top of the nails. And this is the final result!
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-13
The smaller specs of glitter will instantly create that ‘galaxy’ look and the round glitter will give it more depth.
Thank you for reading! Have a great night.

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