Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses Review

This is my first review about circle lens anyway, and i’m going to share about Geo Angel Brown which is my favorite series from all circle lens i’ve tried. this is may be an old series but never mind, i love it!

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses

i’ve tried this lens last year in grey color and no longer using circle lens bcos i’m scared if it scratched my eyes if i’m wearing it everyday T_T
and now i have chance to try it again! yey!

This lens comes from DoLoveYield ( they do have cheaper price! )
the actual price of Geo Angel series is Rp 90.000 and you can use my code : CHRISTANATH to get 10% off  *circle lens only* so you can get a price for Rp 81.000 only! cheap right?

this is what i got

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses Review

Angel Brown Circle Lenses by Geo

the owner is so nice and kind like seriously! she gave me freebies!

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses-bottom container

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses-soft contact

even they over you a cheap price, they do sell ORIGINAL product!
About the lens:
~Power : 0 s/d -10.0~

Diameter 14mm
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses-when worn indoor

For me 14mm is enough to enlarge my eyes, i think my actual diameter is about 13.5 so 14mm is definitely larger. I found that circle lens with diameter 14-15mm is ok for me and it feels comfortable but i would say NO NO to 17mm lens x__x i would be a ghost instead of kawaii -_-
so, overall…
*color : 4/5
i would be happy if the color is brighter because it turns really dark inside the room. but it’s not a problem if you wanna have a natural color.
*design : 5/5
i love the design as well as the Nudy series, it gives natural look rather than doll-ish look. i doesn’t seems like a fake eye at all XD
*comfort: 4/5
for those who has small eyes like me ._. 14mm diameter lens is comfortable enough, but for those who have bigger diameter eye maybe you should choose 15mm+ lens. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, yes it dries after 4-5 hours which is normal. i went outside for 12 hours using this lens, it was blurry a lil bit but a drop of the lens water (?)#whateveryoucallit can help.
*enlargement: 4/5
again, for small eyes it does enlarge your eyes. and for those who have big eyes, this would not works well i guess.
Thanks a lot for stopping by!
Bella ♥



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