Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray Review

I bought this little baby from CameraReadyCosmetics which is online pro makeup store run by a well-experienced pro makeup artist.
Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray Review

Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray

Makeup Setting Spray by Graftobian
I needed a good makeup setting spray for my makeup kit. So I ordered this from CRC store. If you don’t know, Graftobian is a professional makeup products company. Because I am sure 90% of my clients from here have never heard of those pro products and companies. Since i work in hot climate country, makeup setting spray is always needed for some outdoor photoshoots and some event makeup works.

I forgot how much is this product, but probably not more than 15$, I think. It is without shipping fee and cost of the product only. Shipping fee is always depend on the amount of your order.

This is really a good product. I used this on the model for one photoshoot which we needs to climbed up to 38th floor by staircase because it was an abandoned building. And the staircase locates in dark and not much air ventilation room. I mixed this product and some loose eyeshadow powders to do her eye makeup before we all going up. Then we all climbed up to 38th floor for about 20 mins in dark little room staircase with lots of sweats, I was thinking like makeup is going to smudge off a bit or more by the times we get to 38th floor…I was wrong! The makeup lasted in perfect condition, not even little smudge off or fading off. I did not even need to retouch her makeup at all. I was impressed. And it was easy to clean the makeup as well. I just used some wipes, then cleaned with cleansing lotion. All gone easily. Such a great product and I will always stick it in my makeup kit.
Makeup Setting Spray by Graftobian final look
The makeup on 38th floor which I set with Graftobian makeup setting spray. Smudge-proof, Waterproof and Sweat-proof. It was waterproof as well, because after our photoshoot, it rained, also she got sweat the times we came down from 38th floor by stairs again. The makeup was still in perfect condition by the time we got down to ground floor after a few hrs photo-shoot.

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