Gwen Stefani Harajuku lovers perfumes review

Gwen Stefani Harajuku lovers perfumes review :
Gwen Stefani’s adorable Harajuku girls perfume has recently undergone a revamp to align with their launch this September at Nordy’s, Macy’s and Bloomy’s.  The newly dressed girls are bundled up in cute outfits for the winter that are just so super adorable.  You’ll have to catch them quick though as they’re limited edition.Gwen Stefani Harajuku lovers perfumes

The collection features the original girls G,  Love, Angel, Music, and Baby ($30).  If you haven’t had the chance to sniff ’em out, here’s a the lo down.Harajuku Lovers LOVE perfume

Love sports a cool pink outfit and is a sensuous floaral featuring notes of peach, bergamot, rose, nectarine blossom, musk, orchid and Egyptian jasmine.  A nice subtle scent ideal for work or just chilling on the weekend.

Harajuku Lovers LIL' ANGEL perfume


Lil’ Angel rocks hot little boots great for trekking the urban jungle, retro polka dot skirt and on trend cosy grey pullover.  Spritz Angel for a heavenly mist of berries, pear, sugared rose, amber and pineapple.  Love this fruity floral scent in the summer and spring, very light and refreshing, and ideal if you’re not into the florally scents.Harajuku Lovers MUSIC perfume
Music is my personal favorite as I’ve managed to go through two bottles since these fragrances launched last year.  My home girl Music reflects my personality and style to a tee; jeans, tunic/skirt and cute coat, scarf and of course, hair up!  This delicate floral is sweetly scented and very modern featuring clementine, pear, sweet pea, honey suckle, musk and vanilla.  Music makes you smell good enough to eat.
 Harajuku Lovers BABY perfume
Baby is could rival Rainbow Bright with her multicoloured outfit and contrasting patterns.  This powdery musk fragrance is young and subtle featuring bergamot, white rose, orange flower, vanilla, violet, white musk and soft woods.  Ideal for lifting the spirits on a cool fall or chilly winter’s day.Harajuku Lovers G pefume


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