Hada Labo Products Review

i bet you know about this famous Japanese skin care, Hada Labo.
This brand is very trending nowadays among Indonesian beauty blogger since Hada Labo has been released in Indonesia and like others do, i go grab it in no time.
Hada Labo products
i got mine in Shirojyun series + Gokujyun night cream ( i can’t find the shirojyun night cream so i go with this )
you can find it at Watson with a very affordable price, i honestly don’t know why the price is higher in Japan
step 1 : facial wash
Hada Labo products-facial wash
Hada Labo products-facial wash2
this is my favorite! i love this face wash sooooo much! it’s so moist and doesn’t let my face dry or stiff  after i wash off my face, my previous face wash did so but since my face is very picky to several brand of facial foam so i stick to my previous brand of face wash at least it doesn’t makes me break out but now Hada Labo shirojyun face wash successfully take place as my holy grail face wash! haha. it makes my skin sooo soft..
the texture is soft and milky, it has white milk color. doesn’t contain any scrub.
step 2 : Lotion
Hada Labo products-lotion
Hada Labo products-lotion2
after you wash your face, it’s a must to put on a toner or Japanese call it lotion.
Hada Labo shirojyun lotion is a best seller product which sold 1 every 2 seconds in japan! woo
basically it works like other lotion could do ( it feels so fresh and makes my skin supple ), but what makes i amazed was i only need two drops to cover my whole face such a thrift.
step 3 : Milk
Hada Labo products-milk
Hada Labo products-milk2
Hada Labo shirojyun milk is a kind of moisturizer. i rarely use a moisturizer product because i have an oily skin and using moisturizer would make my skin even more oily and i hate it, but i would say that   i have no problem with this
the texture is light and sheer, it easily absorbed by pores and doesn’t add more oily to my face.
step 4 : night cream
Hada Labo products-night cream
Hada Labo products-night cream2
honestly says, this is not really my favorite, i guess is because it’s a gokujyun series then it feels damp on my skin i think it might be suit for dry skin but since i use it at night, it’s not a problem. other than that, i have no complain at all. my skin feels soft in the morningit slightly has different texture compare to my previous night cream which is very creamy and thick, it’s lighter and watery.

after using it for a month, i love them so much.
it suits my skin and works nice! even it doesn’t makes my skin whiter (because i walk under the burning sun almost everyday *sigh) but they makes my skin healthier, supple and free from acne and one more thing that makes me happy with them is, they are so efficient! little drops for whole face.
and that’s all from me today.
thanks for reading!
oiya, selamat lebaran ya bagi teman-teman yang merayakan! ^^ minal aidin mohon maaf lahir batin ya semuanya~
Bella <3

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