How to Choose and apply foundation makeup

Some Things About Foundation :  How to Choose (and apply) the Right Foundation

 Choosing the right foundation
This is a post about some information of makeup foundation. I try to cover everything about foundation. There might be missing information, if so, please free to share and point out. Thank you.

Foundation is a key factor in makeup. Foundation is not only important in makeup but also very important for everything in life as education, carrier and building construction and so on. Isn’t?

Yes, foundation is the most important in applying makeup on your face or somebody’s face. When I say foundation, there are so many things follow such as type of foundation, right foundation for skin condition, right color for the person’s skin tone, the technique of applying foundation to get the result you want and so on.

Let me start with the types of foundation;

1. Cream/Stick Type Foundation – which is good for dry skin to normal skin, mature skin, elders skin and for who want full coverage

2. Liquid/Gel Type Foundation – which can use for dry/combination to oily skin with different ages and for who want normal to medium coverage

3. 2 Ways Foundation(Pressed Powder/Cake) – which can use for all kinds of skin types, can use in 2 forms as wet and dry techniques, gives normal to medium coverage. For dry skin types, should moisturize the skin well before you apply the foundation.

4. Powder Foundation (Pressed Powder Form) – which is good to use for combination skin to oily skin, you can only use this foundation in dry form, this is not 2 ways/Twin cake, if you use this kind of foundation with wet technique, your makeup will go wrong somehow.

5. Mineral Foundation ( Loose Powder/Pressed Powder ) – which is good to use for all types of skin, gives normal to medium coverage, normally apply with brush for this type of foundation. Mineral foundation gives very light feeling normally.

And when you want to buy a makeup foundation, please consider your skin type, your skin tone and the coverage you want. If you have sensitive skin, always make sure to buy the ones which say ‘dermatologist approved/tested’, ‘fragrance free’, ‘hypoallergic’ and choose the product which has less synthetic preservatives and harsh chemicals. If you have oily skin or combination skin, go with oil-free makeup. If you have very dry skin, go with oil-based makeup or cream type makeup. No mater what kind of skin you have, always make sure you moisturize your skin well before you apply anything else. You can wear face primer or makeup base according to your skin condition and your preference.

For the coverage, there are makeup foundation for full coverage, medium coverage and light coverage. If you have perfect skin condition, always good to wear light coverage of course since you have nothing to hide or cover. But if you have some lines,flaws and scars to cover, consider to go with medium coverage. If you have so many acne scars, winkles and more, go with full coverage. Light coverage will always give you light-weight feeling on skin and full coverage will definitely makes you feel a little bit heavy feeling of wearing makeup. Makeup containers always have those words; light and full coverage. As I mentioned in earlier, normally cream type and stick type foundation give full coverage than other type of foundation. Other foundation types give light to medium coverage.

How to Choose the Right Foundation Makeup ?

Choosing the right foundation can be really tricky sometimes. Always make sure you test the foundation before you buy and test on your jaw line, not on your hand. Most important of all, choose under the natural daylight. Indoor light can give you wrong perception of the actual foundation color. Because some of the light bulbs has neon and stuffs. Some light bulb indoor has colors too. It is better if you can buy 2 foundation colors; which is one tone darker and one tone lighter. In summer or when you have so much sunlight, your skin tend to be darker than normal time, like that time, you can apply the one skin tone darker foundation. In winter or when you stay indoor a lot, your skin tend to be whiter than normal times, so that time, use the one which is lighter than your normal skin tone. It is better to mix those 2 foundations and get your idol shade or your skin tone. If not, always choose the one which is closest to your normal skin tone. Normally makeup company comes with numbers in N#, C#, W# and combination of those letters. What do you think of those means? N stands for neutral/natural skin tones, C stands for cool tones and W stands for warm tones. According to the color theory, skin tones which based red, yellow,tan are warm colors, skin tones which based, green, blue, violet are cool colors. Cool skin tones are pale with pink undertones,veins appear blue in colors and tend to burn in the sun. Warm skin tones are yellow, olive and darker undertones, veins appear green in color and tan easier. Between warm and cool color skin tones, there is neutral skin tones which is kind of fair/light pink, fair/light yellow, fair/light olive or I would say skin tones which has slightly yellow with purple undertones. I know it started confusing for some people. So, you just look at your skin well and check what color tone you have in your skin. I will write about those color theory well later.

What technique you would like to use to apply your foundation?

Traditional way is using our fingers, then we use sponges and modern way is applying with foundation brushes. It is difficult to say which way is the best as all the techniques has advantages and disadvantages for everyone. It is all depends on your personal preference, your skin type, and your foundation type. Using fingers warm up the foundation and helps them to melt in your skin more. Using sponge give you lighter application and easy to adjust. Using brush helps to protect from being oily. Most important of all, your hands should be washed and cleaned before you apply your foundation either technique you use. I use all techniques for myself and mostly use to apply sponge and brush for clients and often follow by my fingers to blend up if needed. For cream and stick type foundation, it is good to apply with fingers as they need to warm up. For liquid and powder foundation, either sponge or brush is good enough to use. For me, I will go with brush as I have oily/acne prone skin type.

Always set your foundation with powder for last longer effect and not to let your foundation move or smear off. If you can afford, you can also set with setting spray to seal your foundation. If not, just setting with powder is good enough. Oil based foundation seems to last longer than water based ones. So choosing the right foundation is really important.

And another matter of foundation, foundation can oxidize your skin. What happened when foundation oxidized in your skin? Your makeup changed the color to be darker or become orangy from the time you applied. Mostly it happened in powder foundation. Can also happen in other type pf foundation. What cause the foundation to be oxidized? I think nobody can say exactly what cause it. We can assume that it happened because of PH level in skin, oils from skin, humidity, weather, temperature of your skin and the environments/weather you are in. But mostly can happen to oily skin types, more acidic skin types, and caused color pigment changes between your skin, foundation makeup you wear and your metabolism. How to prevent foundation oxidization in your skin? Honestly, I do now know exactly. But I would suggest you to use face primer which normally has silicone which control the facial oil under the foundation. In that way oil won’t come out a lot, won’t mix with foundation and change your foundation color. Or if your skin is easy to oxidize with foundation, choose to wear the foundation color which is one tone or two tone lighter, in that way, when facial oil come out and oxidize with your foundation, your foundation will turn a bit darker and reach your exact skin color.

In addition, I forgot to mention some other types of foundation these days such as spray type, mousse type and tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer is the moisturizer with color like makeup base. Spray type makeup is under liquid type or mousse is different formula between liquid type and cream type foundation. So before you decided to wear makeup or choosing the right foundation type, that is one of the tough decision to make and need times to learn and think.

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