How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow

Tips & Tricks: How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow  :How to repair broken eyeshadow

Happy Thursday beauties! I recently found a fun new beauty trick that I want to share with you. I found this  really cool tutorial for how to fix a crashed eyeshadow. If you’ve ever had an eyeshadow or blush that you absolutely love and realized that it completely cracks one day, you know that it’s an awful feeling! So I can see why Cami G decided to find a way to fix it. Cami G, thanks for inspiring me to make my own tutorial today! If you’ve cracked your favorite eyeshadow, instead of going out and spending money on replacing it, try this instead…How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow tutorial

Here’s what you will need:

  • Rubbing alcohol (I just bought the 70% proof from CVS!)
  • An empty spray bottle
  • A coin the size of your eyeshadow and  a teaspoon
  • A tissue or piece of thin fabric
How to Fix a Smashed Eyeshadow

1. First, if your eyeshadow cracked into larger pieces, use a teaspoon ( pencil or pen ) to smash it up into tiny pieces, so it becomes a powder. This will eventually make it easier to put back together!How to fix broken eyeshadow

2.  Fill your empty spray bottle with the rubbing alcohol. Then spray your eyeshadow with the alcohol. If you’re repairing a shadow that is part of a palette, make sure to cover the rest of your colors so that they don’t get sprayed. You want the powder to be pretty soaked with rubbing alcohol, so go ahead and give it a good dose.

broken eyeshadow  fix

3. Then, take a coin that is the right size for your eyeshadow and wrap a tissue around it…

broken eyeshadow  repair

4. Press the tissue-wrapped-coin into the eyeshadow as hard as you can to pack the powder back together. Do this for about 30 seconds!

DIY repair smashed eyeshadow

5. Gently lift up the coin and let it dry. Clean around the edges to remove any excess shadow.How to repair smashed eyeshadow  diy

And…voila! Your eyeshadow should be good as new!diy tips - How to repair broken eyeshadow

This can work for a blush or bronzer too, as long as you use something in place of the coin that is the right size for your makeup.

Will you give this trick a try?

Do you have any tips for repairing broken or damaged makeup?

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