How to Get Rid of Acne

Ugh… that dreaded word we all hate to hear. When I was younger I used to have amazing skin, I didnt have any blemishes or breakouts and after thinking back to the make up I used to wear I am so surprised I didnt have any! Then I came into my 20’s and everything basically started going tits up for my skin, My chin took the worst of it and I have ended up with a lot of acne scarring because of it. That quickly subsided though and I was left with normal skin again.

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During my pregnancy because of all the hormones racing about, my skin type changed very quickly from normal to combination, with an oily T-Zone with my chin being the worst. I had cystic acne and it was so painful I tried to spend as much time as I could without make up while using as many natural products as possible so I didnt harm the baby in any way. No matter what I did it just wouldnt shift at the very start and end of my pregnancy, and after I gave birth to Amber, it got worse.

I thought it was going to be a never ending story! But it has now become dramatically better and I am going to share a few a few things that may or may not help you, because everyone’s skin and body is different I cant guarantee anything, but this is what is working for me.

1. Drinking Water
A long time ago I used to guzzle down water like it was nobodys business, this of course meant that I was needing to go to the bathroom quite a bit too… Then I watched a channel 4 documentary on skin, and there was a dermatolagist that stated there was no point in us drinking extra water, because “When you think about it, we drink so much water and then we go to the bathroom a lot afterwards, meaning our body doesnt need that extra water” So after hearing that I stopped drinking it so much.

Then a few weeks ago, with that still stuck in my head I started to think of my biology classes… Our bodies need fluids in order to get rid of toxins in the body… anything the body doesnt want or need or thinks it may be harmful to it, comes out the best it can. So all that extra going to the bathroom is a good thing… not bad, we dont just wizz out water do we?!

So I started drinking a lot more water and my skin is seeing great benefits from it once more 🙂

2. Cod Liver Oil
Ew… I take it in capsule form though so it doesnt have any nasty taste. As we all know cod liver oil contains Omega 3 and Vitamins A + D. As well as helping prevent things like arthritis, Omega 3 is also great for your brain as our Mums and Dads always told us. It also helps to keep our skin supple, reduces inflammation, helps reduce acne and it is also great when you have very dry, scaly skin.

Vitamin A responds to acne, it also helps to reduce inflammation and keeps your skin smooth. Vitamin A is also not excreted by the body, so it will do its job working on your skin as well as your eyes to keep your retinas healthy. Vitamin D is also great for our skin, it is a powerful anti oxidant and is widely used to help skin disorders like psoriasis.

I have been taking cod liver oil for 2 weeks… and I am seeing a MASSIVE difference in my skin, all over my body its a lot smoother and softer 🙂

3. Glycolic Acid
This is an absolute wonder ingredient for me! I use Avons Retexurising Glycolic Acid Peel Pads once a week and they are simply amazing. I am also using a daily facial scrub from the Olay Regenerist range which contains glycolic acid. So why is it so good? I found this website that could explain it a little better than I could But to give you a simple break down it is good for:

1. Collagen Production – Great for anti ageing when our skin stops producing so much collagen.
2. Scarring – It reduces the appearance of acne scars, by removing the top layer and letting the smoother part of the scar through (sounds weird but it works!)
3. Cleans out your pores
4. Evens out the skin tone
5. It is an anti oxidant
6. Can help with ingrown hairs. (were all partial to a little lip wax now and again :p)

This website also states:

– The texture of your skin will improve within the first few weeks.
– Skin tone should even out after 3 months.
– Collagen and elastin improvement will start to be evident after 6 months reducing wrinkles and firming your skin.
– Hormonal acne breakouts can occur up to a year after starting glycolic acid but should improve each month.
– Small scar reduction takes 6 months to a year for improvement.

4. Salicylic Acid
I have been using this to dry out the small spots that I have here and there, I am using Cliniques Anti Blemish Solutions Gel and concealer in my daily routine and within 2-3 days they are gone!

So by using these steps in my diet and skin care routine, I have minimal if any spots, pimples whatever you would like to call them and I am a lot happier in my skin now and I look forward to going out. I can finally stoop being a hermit 🙂

I hope this helps some of you, but if you have any comments to raise on any of the above, please let me know your opinion. As what works for some may not work for others!

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