How to Identify Fake Mac Cosmetics

Fake MAC Cosmetics

I’m sure almost everyone of you guys have seen Mac products being sold in mouthwatering prices. And yes, those are fake. Some of the products are definite fake just by looking at it, but some other ones kinda hard to tell because it looks just like the real ones.

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As you can see the fake one is slightly bigger in packaging, also the Mac logo is easily scratched off. If you can get your hands on the fake one, you can feel the quality of the packaging is bad. Here’s a quick list:
* The packaging feels like a thick sparkly marble, though it is plastic
* Mac lipstick ALWAYS smells like sweet vanilla
* The packaging feels like it was cheaply made out of thin poor quality plastic
* It smells literally like…. Spray paint. This is depend on the product though. Some doesn’t have a scent, some smells really bad.
* Also the name on the label said it’s Dare You, and it’s not, Dare You is a shimmery ruby red lipstick, while this one is pale pink (i’m sorry i can’t show the color of the actual product because i dropped it, and of course, it broke and gets everywhere so i threw it away and be left with the container only, my real mac lipstick won’t broke that easily)
One more thing, Mac will never sells a product if it’s not perfect (The logo, the shape of the product or the packaging). But some companies do sell factory blemish products for a really cheap price, factory blemish means it cannot be sold because it’s not perfect (wrong label, wrong name, or any other minor imperfections).
Unfortunately i cannot find the single blush, so i cant compare it to a real one. If i do find one, i’ll update this post. But here’s one i do have:

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Mac NEVER sells a blush palette unless you buy their empty blush palette, depot your blushes and stack it in there. Mac only sells single blushes. By the way, the left picture is not coy girl, i took the wrong picture, but just bear with it :p. Mac blushes doesn’t come with a mirror or a brush and the label on the bottom is written in grey NOT white. I’ve seen some fake single blushes on the internet and it comes with a mirror, a brush and label is written in white.
For the price:
* Real Lipstick: $21.00 (originally $15.00 but in my country the price is higher)
* Fake Lipstick: $2.00 – $4.00
* Real Blush: $25.50
* Fake Blush Palette: $5.40
But remember, some fake Mac are being sold expensively because the seller claim that they’re real when they’re not. Lots of fake mac are sold on ebay, so be careful. I do buy makeup from ebay, but only for palettes. Because a lot of sellers on ebay sells fake mac, fake too faced, fake bobbi brown, fake chanel even fake lancome. Buy a branded makeup straight from the store/counter, or if you want to buy it on the net, just make sure you got it from trusted sellers.
You dont know what’s inside or the ingredients of these fake mac products. They might print it on the box, but who knows if they’re not telling the truth?
I hope that was helpful. If i happen to find their fake single blush i’ll update this post along with the powder and eyeshadow. Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

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