How to Repair a Broken Nail with a Tea Bag

HI guys, today i will show how to Repair a Broken Nail with a Tea Bag ! I have become obsessed with my nails. I also talked about how they break and split fairly often. I do my best to use nail products to strengthen my nails, but a lot of it is hereditary and lifestyle. I really need to invest in some dish gloves because my hands are in hot water for at least 30 minutes a day. If you add in showers, laundry, and all the other crazy things my nails endure, you can easily see why they need as many treatments as possible. How to Repair a Broken Nail with a Tea Bag

Usually when my nails splits (its almost always on the side of the nail really close to the pink or fleshy part of my nail bed) I cut the rest off so that it doesn’t rip, but recently I saw a YouTube video about how to repair a split nail with a tea bag. Let me tell you… I REALLY WORKS! I am so super excited about this I decided to share it here.

Repair a Broken Nail with a Tea BagSo really quick let me give you some tips before you try this nail repair technique yourself:

  • The first day I did this I used one layer (of the teabag). That tore by the end of the night, so the next day I redid it and it tore again. So next I did 3 layers and that worked. For you, one layer may be fine, but I use my hands all day long. They take a beating, not to mention I’m packing as well. So for me, one layer just didn’t cut it, but the concept and the technique is great!
  • It is a pain in the butt to cut the teabag into the shape of your nail, but so worth it when you get to save that nail. I went ahead and used up all of the teabag by cutting nail shapes ahead of time (the same nails always break so I just cut some for those to save time).
  • Look for the brush on glue/gel. It makes this 10x easier! I got mine from Walgreen’s for about $3.39 for a bottle. It’s Kiss brand as well.
  • Make sure to let the glue dry completely in between coats. It definitely makes a stronger bond when you do.

The one nail that I used this technique on felt as though I’d gotten gel nails or acrylics. It was that strong. Thinking about doing this to all my nails as a cheap way to keep them strong and from breaking.

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