How To: Spot Cleaning Your Brushes

If you’re on-the-go or just have no time to wash your brushes everyday, this is the perfect methods for you. Please keep in mind that spot cleaning only removes the stain and sterilize the top or most part of your brushes, you still need to wash it once a week (or more, if you use it daily).

How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes

You’ll Need:

  • Paper towel
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Washcloth / towel
  • Dirty brush(s)
  • Brush cleanser
Method #1:
Step 1: Transfer some of the liquid into a spray bottle.
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes2
Step 2: Spray your dirty brush, mainly the top.
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes3
Step 3: Wipe it on the wash cloth until the dirt comes off.
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes4
Step 4: Make sure to do it a couple of times if you’re cleaning your foundation brush.
Method #2 (I’d say this is the easiest way, but you’ll waste lots of paper towel):
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes5
Step 1: Fold the paper towel into four and pour the cleanser
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes6
Step 2: Just like the first method, wipe the bristles until the dirt comes off.
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes7
Step 3: Unfold the paper towel to reveal a clean spot and wipe your brush one more time. Do it over and over again until it’s clean or at least good enough to use.
Extra info:
– The cleanser i was using is from Mac (I bought it for $15 last year, i don’t know how much it is now)
– The brush is the Coastal Scents flat kabuki brush
– For a cheaper alternative, i believe ELF carry a brush cleanser/shampoo

Remember, cleaning your brush is very important. Imagine using the same brush over and over again with the same bacteria. Dirty brush might cause a break out or a rash on your face (if your face is sensitive).

Don’t forget to wash your brush at least once a week!

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