How to Take Care of Makeup Brushes

Hi girls, today i will give some tips on how to How to Take Care of Makeup Brushes :

1. I wash and bath them regularly. For my personal makeup brushes, I wash them a week a time. For brushes from my professional makeup kit, I wash them every time I use on one client. I mostly wash my brushes with water and shampoo. Sometimes, I use makeup wipes and alcohol on set if brushes needed to be cleaned.

How to Take Care of Makeup Brushes
2. I give them treatment. Every month, I gave special treatment to my makeup brushes. How? I washed them, then soak the hair conditioner in hairs of brushes for over night. Next morning, rinse with water and let them dry. I love my makeup brushes as much as I love my hairs. So, I treat them the same as I treat my hairs. You can use this way to making your rough hairs brushes to have softer hairs.

3. Let them lie down. Yes, we all want to lie down and rest when we are so tired. So, let your makeup brushes lie down and rest after you bathed them too. Letting them lie down prevents the water dips from brush hairs on the brush stick, which can cause the glue to un-stick. Also when you wash the brushes, wash only the area of hairs in water. For the rest of the part, you can just wipe the dirt with alcohol.

This is how I take care of my brushes. There are brushes I had since 2003 and still using it. I believe they are last longer because I take care of them well and show love to them. Some brushes are not even high-end brand brushes, I got them from craft stores. But they have good qualities and I took care of them right.

By taking good care of your makeup brushes, you can prevent unnecessary breakouts, eyes infection and so on. Most important of all, you should not share your makeup brushes with someone else as your mascara.

I hope you enjoy reading  my tips on  how i show love and take care of  my makeup brushes. Thank you. =)

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