Jane Iredale Magic Mitt review

Make-up Remover Using Just Water & This… Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

I used to remove my make-up using facial wipes. It never really was effective at removing it all. I wanted to use something more effective and more natural, and I discovered the Magic Mitt from Jane Iredale.Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

– WHAT IT DOES: Quickly and completely removes make-up without any cleanser.Wet the soft flannel-like mitt with warm water and it removes make-up and debris with one clean sweep.
– WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO: Promotes the health of skin because it does not affect the skin’s acid mantle, which aids the skin in protecting itself from harmful bacteria.

– HOW IT WORKS: It’s made from specially knitted micro-fibers several times thinner than human hair. When wet, it breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond make-up to the skin.

– HOW TO USE Jane Iredale Magic Mitt  : Soak the mitt with warm water, then gently wipe the face to remove make-up. When you’re done, wash the mitt with hand soap (I’ve found that Dial works the best), and let dry naturally.Jane Iredale Magic Mitt pic

This is probably the best make-up remover I’ve ever used. It completely removes all my make-up (including waterproof mascara). I feel a lot better about my skin knowing that I’m not using any chemicals or other harsh ingredients. It costs only $15, which I think is a great bargain because you can use it over and over.Jane Iredale Magic Mitt  review

I have had mine Magic Mitt  for about 2 years now. It totally works. It has passed the white towel test and the first time I used it I also went over with a toner, and the cotton wool was completely clear. It really does remove every trace of make-up. You can remove eye make-up  with this (I tried to see if it lives up to the claim, however I still prefer to use coconut oil for that).

What is great about Jane Iredale Magic Mitt  is that it is designed specifically so it won’t disturb skin natural acid mantel (super important for all skin types, but especially so for oily skin as it is so easy to over cleanse when you are trying to battle oiliness).

The Verdict: A+

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