Kanebo Media Make Up Base in Pink Review

Kanebo Media Make Up Base in Pink Review

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Kanebo Media Make Up Base in Pink Application
Kanebo Media Make Up Base in PinkKanebo Media Make Up Base in Pink finished ook
I am reviewing Media makeup base from Kanebo. The one I am reviewing is pink color. There are other colors available such as blue, green and maybe more. I got this from my country, Burma and I don’t see other colors much over there.

Since there is color in makeup base, this is more like corrector makeup base. This is a pink makeup base, which will even out your discoloration and brighten your skin. Pink makeup base can decrease color of the dark color spots, veins, dark under eye cycle as pink corrector concealer and also pink makeup base can give you healthy glow.

So, I use this product for myself and also I use it in my makeup kit for my clients. I like this makeup base because it really freshen the skin before you apply foundation. It seems to be a good makeup base which grabs the foundation better and last longer. Product color is pink, the texture is not thick or not thin, easy to blend and smooth out on the skin. I can’t comment about the price as I forgot, I bought it through my friend. But It can be between 15-20$.

Overall, It is a nice makeup base. Good quality product and the price is quite affordable for everyone. Some can say it is quite pricey, but still it is not so expensive like some departmental store products. I am planning to try out other colors in the future.

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