Kat Von D True Romance Ladybird Palette Review

Hello my lovely ladies,
Today I bring you another review that has been long overdue, some of you might remember that a couple months ago in a Sephora haul, I hauled this gorgeous palette, well, now I’m back with a review. Hope you enjoy. 🙂
Kat Von D True Romance Ladybird Palette Review

Price: This palette retails for $36.00 and can be purchased at Sephora or Sephora.com
Packaging: The palette comes in a cute, black, cardboard paper, box imprinted with an animated picture of  Kat Von D and the Kat Von D Logo. The picture on the outer cardboard box is the same as the one on the actual  palette. I really like how the palette is a simple, black, thick plastic palette, with the imprinted ombre, Kat Von D face. I like the push to open tab which makes it simple to open the palette, and also keeps it secure so that it wont just come flying open in your makeup bag. Another thing I really enjoyed about this palette is the huge mirror great for touch ups or traveling or just doing your makeup, and the little slot (where the eyeliner comes) is great to put either an eyeliner or an eye shadow brush, if you wanna take the palette for touch ups or traveling.
Contents: The palette contains 8 neutral 0.05 oz. eye shadows and a 0.028 oz. Mini Autograph Eye Pencil in Immortal Love. Of the eye shadows, 7 are completely matte, and one (the dark charcoal grey shade) is somewhat of a satin.
Kat Von D True Romance Ladybird Palette Kat Von D True Romance Ladybird
Left to Right:
Fur elise— matte, eggplant, plum shade
Vespertine— matte, light cream shade
Renholder—matte, light, taupe shade
Siouxsie-sioux— satin, dark charcoal gray
(the only one to contain a slight shimmer,
but not significant enough to show up
once on your lid and blended out.)
Unrequited— matte, beige shade
(darker than Vespertine, but definitely
lighter than the next shade)
Harlow—matte, medium, soft brown (perfect
for blending and transitioning)
Wolf—matte, deep, red toned brown shade
Cleopatra—(my favorite) matte, rusty orange brown shade
Kat Von D Mini Autograph Eye Pencil in Immortal Love— a dark brown eye pencil 
Kat Von D  Ladybird Palette Review
The following swatches were done without a primer…
Kat Von D True Romance Ladybird Palette Swatches
L-R: Fur Elise, Vespertine, Renholder, Siouxse-sioux, Unrequited, Harlow, Wolf, Cleopatra
Autographed Pencil in Immortal Love
My overall thoughts:
This palette is an amazing palette for more reasons than one. The shades are gorgeous, you have neutrals, a couple shades that double up as neutrals, like the plum and the rust color, and where else are you gonna find an almost completely matte palette? The pigmentation of these shadows is incredible, especially for being matte eye shadows, the eye shadows are buttery instead of powdery, the lasting power is amazing, they blend out gorgeously, without disappearing like most matte shadows tend to do. The price is awesome for the quality you are getting, and you get a brown eyeliner great for the waterline or smudging. I don’t own the UD Naked or Naked 2, nor do I own the Lorac Pro Palette, out of all the neutral palettes, I chose this one, and I haven’t regretted it one bit. Now, do keep in mind that if you want shimmery eye shadows, this is most definitely not the palette for you, but with matte shadows, in my opinion, you can never go wrong. I’m totally and utterly in love with this palette. 
Kat Von D… you get a 5 out of 5 for this one. 🙂
 Hope you enjoyed and found this helpful. Until next time…

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