Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream Review

Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream Review :

With the Winter months ahead, between air conditioning and heating, my skin starts to suffer. I get dry areas on my arms, legs, chest, face… pretty much everywhere! My hands and arms tend to bare the brunt of it though and for me, dryness anywhere on my body gets really uncomfortable and itchy. For men it doesn’t seem to bother them at all… what’s with that?

Liz Body Cream

I am so glad that I received Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream for review purposes, because I definitely think its made a huge difference in my skin. This is aimed towards Mature/Very Dry Skin, obviously I don’t have ‘mature’ skin, but it does lean on the very dry during Autumn/Winter, which is bad news when I am fake tanning!

It is a bit of a bugger to get anything squeezed out of the tube when you are anywhere near halfway down, It is so thick and creamy and the nozzle is so small its near to impossible to get anything out. I will probably have to cut the tube open and dispense the rest into a tub, which is a bit of a bother. I hope they change this into a great whopping big tub to dip into!
Liz Cream

When you get the product out, as I said it is very thick and creamy and little goes a long way, but when you try to use little, it doesnt spread out and you do really have to work at it. This type of body lotion is best if you have some time as it can take a while to sink in, which I really dont mind because this stuff is amazing.

Once applied, you have such a gorgeous dewy look to your skin that looks like you have just stepped out of a ‘by the beach’ photoshoot…. you know the kind… Gorgeous long wavy hair, bronzed skin with an amazing glow to it. During winter, tanning gets to be a bit of a hassle because my skin dries out so quickly and tan comes off quite patchy, not with this though! I put some on before I go to bed (or before a night out… better than shimmer!) and my skin feels and still looks amazing the whole of the next day. Its doing wonders for my elbows and knees, my tan is looking a lot smoother in those areas and I don’t have to use any barrier creams. For me I think elbows and hands are a dead give away of age, so I try my best to keep those areas as hydrated as possible all year round!

The smell…. ohhh the smell!! It is heaven in a tube! It reminds me very much of Lush Therapy Massage Bar, I think it might be the Shea Butter? I am not quite sure though… but I could sniff myself all day wearing this! I am rubbish at trying to describe smells, so you will have to forgive me if I didnt write a very descriptive paragraph.

I will definitely be buying Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream , and I would really recommend it to anyone with dry skin… it doesn’t even have to be very dry. It also didnt give me any spots on my body, which I thought might happen as it was so thick. I will probably try and get Tommy to start using this… it could possibly be a losing battle though.

Liz Earle… please bring this out in tub form!!

This retails for £27.50 for the 200ml and £12 for a 50ml Tube, so it might be worth trying out the smaller size first?

What are your favourite body lotions? What are you all using right now?

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