L’Oreal Double Extension Serum Mascara review

L’Oreal Double Extension Serum Mascara  is a product that I have been meaning to do a review on, but haven’t had a chance to until now, things have been a bit hectic lately!L'Oreal Double Extension Serum Mascara review

L'Oreal Double Extension Serum Mascara before

This product has 2 steps:

Step 1: Serum base coat enriched with Arginine + Centella
Step 2: Intense black top coat, ultra-lengthening mascara.

The first step makes your lashes look a little white, but it dries clear in parts… the tips especially I find look more white than anywhere else. One mistake I made was not wiggling from the bottom of my lashes to the top, I always do it so I am not sure why this time was an exception. I found that If I did not wiggle from the bottom to the top, my lashes stuck together in places, I hate them looking like that because I love a ‘fan’ effect when I apply mascara.L'Oreal Double Extension Serum Mascara pic

I then put the black mascara on, which did seem to lengthen them, I didn’t even curl my lashes and they still fanned out and looked nicely separated. I then went to work, and thats where it all started to go wrong for me.L'Oreal Double Extension Serum Mascara on my eye

I found half way through the day that the mascara had flaked off and was then sitting on my under eye and cheek. I was not a happy bunny with this, so I quickly swiped them off and went back to my desk. My lashes at this stage are still looking nicely curled. So there was no qualms there!L'Oreal Double Extension Serum Mascara look

After work I love going home and taking off all of my make up and have a nice face mask and chill out. That is if I am not going out that night! But even so, I love having freshly applied make up, it just looks and feels so much better. So after taking off my eye make up, with my Garnier eye make up remover. It removes 100% of all of my other mascaras so I don’t see why this time would be any different. I thought it was all off and I was beginning to put on my toner, when I felt that both eyes didn’t feel clean and my vision was a little blurry.

After inspecting my eyes closely, both of them looked like they had a bit of ‘gunk’ I suppose you could call it, on my waterline. It looked like I had ‘sleep’ that had travelled across my eye, so I began to poke it out my pulling down my lower lid and swept my finger across my waterline. After I swept, a long stringy bit came out with it?! Now this has never happened to me before with any of my other mascaras, not even my Double Extension Mascara which seems to lengthen, but also makes them lovely and full.

I can only assume that it was the serum that produced this horrible after effect. For this fact alone, I wont re purchase this product. I did find that it made my lashes softer, but I will be looking at other methods to achieve this, like Vaseline or Nivea cream. I kept trying this product, using less of step 1, but still got the same result. I found this so disappointing as I was expecting good results but It just doesn’t appeal to me to go hokeing around in my eyes every evening.

Have any of you tried L’Oreal Double Extension Serum Mascara  and got the same result or is it just me?

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