LUSH Paradise Regained Moisturiser Review

I received this as a gift from Tommy for my 22nd birthday, I thought it was great as I am always up for trying new moisturisers. I think the girl at LUSH was looking a bit of a commission though as this product is quite expensive… £25.50 to be exact! Ouch… he wasn’t told that it was an anti ageing moisturiser and as far as I know the girl also told him it was the most popular. I didn’t mind getting an anti ageing moisturiser though, a girl has to start some time right?
LUSH Paradise Regained Moisturiser Review

The packaging is a classic Lush black tub, with 45g of product, its a nice size and it lasts for quite a long time! I don’t really like the fact that this is in a tub, I find tubes a lot more hygienic, but it does have the benefit that you can scrape out every last bit of the product and you can see when you need to buy a new one! When you open the tub, your greeted with a beige coloured product, I cant put my finger on the smell of it, but I really like it anyway! It doesnt linger on your face though, which is good… who wants a smelly face? :p
LUSH States:
The risks people will take to hang on to their youth can be a bit frightening, but there is really no need to go to extremes. How good can peeling and toxic injections be for you, really? Paradise Regained is an anti-ageing moisturizer with sunscreens to stop the UVA and UVB damaging your skin. It has green tea for its antioxidant properties (defence from free radicals) and its natural fruit acids come from pineapples and grapes. Sandalwood, geranium, rose and olibanum used to thousands of years to keep the skin lovely. For softness and flexibility, we give you almond oil’s natural vitamin E, jojoba oil and cocoa butter. Nothing mysterious, completely uncomplicated and uncompromisingly good. Wear it when you go out. SPF 15 Medium.
Its great that this product has sun protection in it, perfect for all year round 🙂 I have also been searching for products with Green Tea in them as it has such amazing anti oxidant properties, internally and externally. I have never tried this as a drink though… what is it like?  I love natural ingredients and this seems to be jam packed with them! There is an expiry date though, mine is up in July of this year so it seems this product lasts for around 10 months, which is pretty good, considering how much it is used!
I used my fingers to apply this as you normally would with any other moisturiser, it goes on so smooth and makes my skin feel so smooth and silky, make up goes on like an absolute dream after this. I used this on my face, neck and chest and I have to say my skin looked absolutely glowing, I love it! The glow looks so healthy and not oily, its amazing. I also use this at night, and I have to say I don’t love it too much for a night cream as I don’t wake up with baby soft skin like I normally would with a night cream. I think I will just stick to this for a day cream.
I am not sure of any lasting effects as I don’t have any wrinkles just yet, but I have noticed the ‘laughter lines’ around my eyes have diminished! Always a plus! This cream is so moisturising as well, my skin never feels tight or oily on my t zone where it normally would be like that at the end of the day. My make up also stays put all day which is unusual for me, especially with Amber head-butting me all the time when she’s putting her head on my shoulder!
I would definitely repurchase this again, even if it is just for my neck and chest… loving the healthy glow! But for the steep price point, it will have to wait until Tommy is generous once again :p
Has anyone else tried this and loved it as much as me?

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