LUSH The Soft Touch Body Butter review

LUSH The Soft Touch Body Butter review:

My hands had been suffering so badly over the winter months. My knuckles especially, as I am always washing my hands. Washing baby bottles, changing nappies, going out for walks etc etc… using fairy liquid to wash up seems to really dry out my hands, I use a moisturiser after I finish washing my hands but It just didn’t seem enough. When I slept at night, I would wake up with tight Granny hands again.LUSH The Soft Touch Body Butter  review

What Lush States about  The Soft Touch Body Butter : 
Supremely softening butter treatment. Our Soft Touch Body Butter is made with plant oils and butters to soften your skin and keep your hands smooth and seriously moisturized. Melt some in your hands and smooth it into the skin at night, leave it there for the nutritious coconut butter, beeswax and cocoa butter to work miracles, then wake up to soft, vanilla scented fingertips. If you share your life with a partner, it’s a very good idea to make sure that you keep their hands nicely buttered up with Soft Touch, too.
After using the massage bars, I knew that this might be the answer I was looking for. When I first smelt The Soft Touch Body Butter  , I could really pick out the vanilla and lavender. The only gripe with this… is that I hate the smell of lavender and I mean despise it… It is very overpowering which doesn’t help. Lavender is meant to help you off to a peaceful sleep however, and this being a night treatment, it would seem fitting. But just not so much in there!LUSH The Soft Touch Body Butter
It took a while at first for this to melt onto my hands, but each night it got easier and it felt so luxurious and it sunk in so quickly! I was able to do what I had to with Amber before going to bed myself without worrying about covering her or her clothes in anything. It seemed to mattify my palms, while leaving the rest of my hands feeling moisturised.
After going to sleep, I woke up with my sheets smelling of lavender and vanilla, more of the lavender though! My hands felt amazing, so soft and smooth! It really did help and I thought nothing would be able to solve my problem. I have even used this during the day sometimes.
I would definitely buy LUSH The Soft Touch Body Butter again and I would also recommend this to anyone with dry, chapped hands or to anyone just looking that extra bit of care.
Do any of you use any night treatments for your hands?

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